A lustrous book about something that dulled in time

12 09 2010

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas

I CLOSED the book’s back cover at 5:28 PM on 09 September 2010, Thursday.  It took me a while to finish all 349 pages of it – excluding the notes – but that’s because I only had about 45 minutes in the morning, and about an hour in the afternoon to read it.  Those were the only free time I had the past week.  So having finished it in three days tells me it is a compelling read.

Deluxe! This book now goes to my list of favorites.

Dana Thomas’s “DeluxeHow Luxury Lost Its Luster” is one book I would’ve never expected to be recommended to me by The Dark Knight.  He who shuns all the trappings of luxury, yet, is very capable to wallow in it.  (I later figured that it was most likely one of the required readings of the Masters in Business Administration he is currently taking.  He got perfect grades in two subjects in the last semester!  I’m so proud.)

The book reaffirmed what I had long believed to have stripped luxury of everything that before made it so special.  And TheCorporateTeener’s text message to me this morning drove the whole point home:  “Hanep saw this kid sa burger king…siguro 10year old boy na naka Rolex,Oakley sunglasses, iPad AND iPhone.  Exag.”  (Gosh, saw this kid at Burger King.  Most likely a 10-year old, wearing a Rolex, Oakley sunglasses, carrying an iPad and an iPhone.  Exaggerated.)

Luxury – indeed – has lost its luster.  But this book?  It shines as an outstanding investigative journalistic achievement.  Quite luxuriously so.  It’s one for both the brand-conscious and the brand-indifferent.  I recommned it.

The cover art is Tom Sachs, Prada Value Meal, 1998.


I don't think any cover art would do a better job than this value meal – a Big Mac, fries, and a coke – "clothed" in Prada. It was in 2003 when I first saw "Prada" screaming on a book cover. I entered Borders and there it was on the table by the entrance. What's with "Prada" and the association with the not-so-good side of things?


I love this excerpt for its mention of "M on the Bund", one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai. It is one of the few restaurants that has made it to the Miele Guide!


I was waxing nostalgic about "prosciutto e melone" a few days back. And just when the craving has somehow ebbed... I read about it here! Haha!


"Pouring dark chocolate sauce over two slices of cake" sounds almost as sexual as it is gastronomic!


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2 responses

12 09 2010

I’ve heard about this book thanks to the Tyra show.

For some reason, I kind of like the fact that luxury brands have become more accessible. I’ve always believed that quality should abound everywhere — not just the upper price ranges.


16 09 2010
eyes only

bagay sa iyo ‘tong book na ‘to, bossing enteng.

para ‘to sa mga may taste:P


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