Convalescing with comforting food

12 09 2010

THE BUG had been going around. The Green Lantern had it for a while.  When he came back to work, I would make him my concoction of pure honey, freshly squeezed calamansi juice, and really hot water.  Not being as fond of tea as I am, for him I took that component out from my recipe.  I ended up making the same for a lot of other friends who did catch the bug.

With the worst timing ever – in a week when I had to make a surprise video for someone, and reports and presentation materials for another – the bug found its way to me.  Though it wasn’t as bad as the others’.  I didn’t have to stay in bed.  And I managed to keep all my commitments.

It was just a persistent scratch at the back of my throat.  And that could be very annoying.  In my case, I knew it would take more than my tea-calamansi-and-honey drink.  And yes, not even spiking it with my tipple of choice would make things better.

Thankfully, my family made sure I was well-nourished.  I felt really blessed to be convalescing with stick-to-your-ribs food like really hearty congee with skinless chicken thighs, served with cubes of tofu fried just the way I like it, chicken tinola (chicken in a gingery broth with chayote and chili leaves), sinigang na sugpo (black tiger prawns and vegetables in a broth soured with tamarind), sinampalukang manok (chicken and vegetables in a broth soured with young tamarind leaves), and pinangat na tilapia (tilapia poached in calamansi and tomatoes).  The only things bought outside were a couple of servings of Hap Chan Beef Brisket Noodle Soup, and my discovery-of-the-moment, Payless Pancit Canton Xtra Big.  Paulo must’ve now grown tired listening to me yap away about just how much I love its taste and the texture of the finer but firmer noodles.

I’m now back in tiptop shape, finally able to look at the photos I took at the state of less-than-100% powers.  Hahaha!  Here are some of the shots I snapped.

Really fresh prawns


Sinigang na Sugpo


The best chicken congee!


Cubes of fried tofu


Chicken Tinola


Pinangat na Tilapia


Hap Chan Beef Brisket Noodle Soup


My discovery-of-the-moment: Payless Pancin Canton Xtra Big!


I've been making my pancit canton with a generous side of steamed spinach. Payless does go well with these leafy greens!


I think all the iron and vitamin C from the spinach helped with the convalescence.


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One response

16 09 2010
eyes only

bossing enteng, kapag may sakit ba kami dito sa cube, gagawan mo din ba kami ng ganyan? 😛


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