From the land where boys are over flowers

17 09 2010

jeongmal nae chingudeul-ege gamsahabnida!

THE MOST unforgettable card that I have ever received just had one line.  But it’s the one that has stayed with me the most through these years.  It just said, “Thank you for turning me into somebody loved.”  It was attached to a very generous gift from a friend.

I knew where the line came from.  It was from a song played on one of the American TV series I was particularly fond of at the time.  But to have someone tell me that, it was a bit overwhelming.

Today happens to be one of those days that I feel like paying it forward.  I want to tell a few people that they have turned me into somebody loved.  Surprisingly, the simplest of gestures could make me feel this way.  I tell you this, pasalubongs from South Korea definitely can.

The K-Pop Girls and Boy – they don’t know yet that I’ve started calling them that – just got back from a four-day trip from the land where boys are over flowers.  And with their return came a deluge of presents on my desk.

A Korea Football Association (KFA) jersey!  I could imagine The Wonder Boy feeling a vicarious thrill over my latest acquisition.  I’m definitely loving the color – red.  On the front is a sewn-on KFA patch.  Right underneath it is a bold print “KOREA LEGEND” with the image of a tiger, my animal birth year sign!  The best thing about it?  The fit is perfect!  I have it on as I blog.  Hahaha!

Korea Football Association (KFA) official licensed jersey

My friend has a keen eye for form and fit. This jersey fits me perfectly! Love it!

Inside an “innisfree” paper bag, I found a pack of authentic Korean Spicy Beef Noodles.  The K-Pop Girls repeatedly admonished me about the unusual hot spiciness of these noodles.  But I have become so accustomed to Korean cuisine that I am unfazed by the possibility of losing feeling on my tongue.  As I write, I have just finished it!  They were right.  Good thing I held back on my propensity to spike everything with lots of cayenne pepper (I like it hot!).  The noodles were so good I had them with a bowl of steamed white rice.

Korean REALLY spicy beef noodles. I think the brand's name if NongShim.

I tried the seasoning powder on its own... and I coughed at the hot spiciness! Whew!

The noodles could have very well had this much chili. Could even be much more!

The noodles, just moments before I devoured everything! And I mean everything with lots of steaming hot white rice. I used the chopsticks from Shanghai that Tenz gifted me with.

I find humor in the paper bag.  “Innis” in “innisfree” could very well be the homonym of the Filipino word “inis”, allowing for a translation of “vexation-free.”  Which, as I stare at the Korea Seoul Tower refrigerator magnet that came with the noodles, has been how the day has turned out to be.


Seoul Tower refirgerator magnet

I knew Rizzie, the original K-Pop Girl, and the gang would be back to work today, so to welcome her, I wore the Ruehl polo shirt she and her hubby gifted me with last year.  To complete the look, I strapped on my red Technomarine wristwatch, only to realize later that it would go nicely with the wraparound red leather bracelet I would get!  I’m all about the sleek all-stainless steel clasp that secures the bracelet.

The Ruehl polo shirt from Bom and Rizzie. One of my faves!

The wraparound red leather bracelet

While the bracelet goes perfectly with a red wristwatch, the stainless stell clasp allows for easy pairing with an all-stainless steel wristwatch.

Will chocolates be forgotten ever?  No.  Since this morning, I’ve been munching on a couple of LOTTE treats – ABC Chocolates and a chocote cream pie called Ghana.  I piled the ABC chocolates to take a shot only to later realize that in the randomness of it all, my favorite letter, “R” and my favorite number, “10” ended on top.  What are the chances of that?!

A pile of LOTTE ABC chocolates. These are super yummy! As I said above, the pile ended up with the "R" and with the "10" on top. My fave letter and my fave number.

LOTTE Ghana premium pie

And to appease my revolting tongue right now, I’m having my very own box of Roly Poly crunchy roll wafers with sweet chocolate cream filling.  Not too sweet.  Just right.  Almost coyly so.

Roly Poly crunchy wafer rolls with sweet chocolate cream filling

I’m so lovin’ South Korea.

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6 responses

17 09 2010

hello enteng!
nakakatuwa to read your blog 🙂 galing galing mag sulat… Im glad you’re soo loving Korea and our presents.. Im soo loving Korea now… and may hang over pa ako 🙂 🙂



18 09 2010

Annyeong Hasaeyo!

Firstly, I missed talking to you!

So, you went to the land where one of my favourite music genres was born? Cool! I wished you could have dragged me with you!

Isn’t their culture so fascinating?

Yes, that’s Nongshim’s Shin Ramyeon right there (a staple for a spicy kick at the office for me!).

And I see Ghana pie!

Oh, have you tried their ice cream? My personal fave is Bingrae’s Nougat Bar in Peanut. It’s creamy, sweet, and delish!

I miss you, oppa (kuya)!


18 09 2010

PS: The line seems to be from “Somebody Loved” by The Weepies. I love the group!


21 09 2010

i love the red wrap around leather bracelet…mine na lang:D


29 10 2010
The Boy Wonder

The Koreans were wearing those jerseys every time their national team plays in the World Cup tournament. I remember i went to a live telecast of one of the Korea team games in a football field just outside of our company premises, it was a sea of red! I was wearing a red one too, but a different red… La Furia Roja! And guess whose name and no. was on it… (drumroll) “The one, the only, Spain’s no. 9, El Niño!”. =))


8 02 2011

Pepero with Almonds= LOVE!! 😀 my sis like the banana or strawberry milk!


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