A couple more pressies

20 09 2010

Chocolates from the K-Pop Boy

SO, EVERYBODY who had gone to the land where boys are over flowers is now back.  I knew this to be so the very moment I saw on my desk the present from the K-Pop Boy himself.  Wow, my own box of chocolates!  He is bound to make an impression.  I bumped into him at the cafeteria, and while I did mean to say just thank you, I couldn’t help but blurt out that the chocolates are “Dutch, by way of Korea.”  Super thanks, K-Pop Boy!

I two rightmost ones are part of the stash The Tycoon gave me. Can't help but pile 'em!

A couple of weeks back, I received a bag full of red string bracelets from The Tycoon himself.  He had just come back from the World Expo in Shanghai.  I love these bracelets because they are exactly how I want red string bracelets to be.  And everytime someone I know – and real friends with – would go to Shanghai, I would give him or her the onerous task of looking for these bracelets.  The first ones I’ve ever had were from the gift shop facing the ticket booths of the Jin Mao Tower.

Thank God for friends.  Especially those who know that presents I can put in my tummy, or put on my wrist, do make me happy.

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