Like unintentionally deconstructing dessert

25 09 2010

Organic chocolate tablets

eNTeNG KNEW that it could’ve been a lot easier if he had just gotten a pack of fig newtons.  But he also knew that after a long while, he had found himself unencumbered with time.  A quick glance at the vintage mechanical wristwatch he had on revealed that it was already 2:00 AM – yes, he wears wristwatches all the time – but instead of shutting his eyelids, he got up from bed and went to the kitchen to make something for his eleven zzz’s.  The delicious read he had in his hands had to be parked at page 43.

On top of the dining table, on one side, was a seeming disarray of deliciousness attempting to leap from under a pile of multicolored biodegradables.  His hands burrowed through the pile as he felt the need to concretize the scent that had arrested his olfactory nerve the very moment his feet hit the stairs landing.  “Ripe sweet guavas,” he exclaimed in his head.  One more thrust of the hand confirmed the suspicion.

He picked the three that appeared to be the ripest, and under running cold water vigorously scrubbed their green exterior.  He reached for his favorite knife – easily a seven-year-old blade – and sliced open the first.  The green yielded to a yellowish flesh that ensconced a delicate pink pulp.  As its juices flowed freely on to the board, the essence of its sweetness rose to perfume the air.

eNTeNG opened his eyes slowly, as if from a trance.  It occurred to him that the guavas, though not macerated in some natural acidulent and sugar, would taste great packed firmly inside folds of buttery, crumbly crust.  While he did claim early on that time was not of the essence, eNTeNG knew that he wouldn’t want to knead dough when there was still page 43 to go back to.

So what was a hungry bookworm to do?  Certainly not hunker down and pray for a miracle of very rich thick butter cookie!  He turned to the cupboard and hoped to find the closest alternative.  And he did even better – a pack of Marks & Spencer Organic Scottish all butter shortbread fingers!  “Ah, the words of Paulo Coelho always ring true,” eNTeNG told himself, as if a pat on the back.

With the munchies taken care of, eNTeNG turned to the fridge to find something to wash everything down.  The ice-cold 1.5-liter bottle of Coca-Cola beckoned to him, temptingly so.  He feigned resitance, shaking his head from side to side, but with his hands almost reaching out to grab the bottle by the neck.  That was when his fingers accidentally nudged a jar of whole milk.  “Milk?!”

Faster than he could muster a mono-syllabic response to the query that had formed in his head, he absent-mindedly slammed the refrigerator door to dash back to the helter-skelter of a pile on the dining table.  Instinct told him that something he had chanced upon earlier – the rolls of white paper wrapped around something cylindrical – could be conceling tablets of ground organic chocolate made from the roasted beans of locally grown cocoa.  He guessed right, as the nondescript white paper packaging exposed the chocolate tablets.  Actually, the blotches of cocoa butter on the paper were the first giveaway.

He turned the fire on underneath a heavy-bottomed saucepan to bring 320-mL of water to a roaring boil.  To this he dunked three of the four chocolate tablets available in one roll, the provenance of which he learned the following morning to be the province of Guimaras.  He whisked the simmering concoction like crazy until all the solids melted away into the liquid.  He did so while snacking on the fourth tablet.

He poured himself a big mug, leaving enough room for the cold milk from the jar.  He decided to add just a little brown sugar.  And in keeping with his propensity of late to lace everything with his current “tipple” of choice, he sprinkled a teaspoon of Zino Davidoff Grande Cuvee Café to top off his drink.  Who knew Mr. Cool Water also made coffee?!

By 2:32 AM, eNTeNG was back at page 43 – the book in his right hand, the guava, shortbread, and the chocolate taking turns in his left.

A wedge of the sweetest ripe guava


Marks & Spencer Organic Scottish all butter shortbread fingers


Each roll has four tablets.


A tight shot of a chocolate tablet, bitten into.


Swirls of yummy goodness


Davidoff Grande Cuvee Cafe


"Having a taste for quality is having a taste for life." - Zino Davidoff


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25 09 2010

Why does eNTeNG write in third person?


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