Green and red

1 10 2010

I love the dusk...

THERE ARE countless reasons under the sun to give gifts.  But as I have always claimed, nothing beats giving gifts for no reason at all.  I guess that explains in part the gradual shortening of my Christmas gift list these past couple of years.  I don’t feel as excited anymore when I’m prescribed to do so.  But I don’t totally do away with making my list.  It’s just that lately, it has been for just the critical few.

During my last Sunday stroll on Bonifacio High Street, I managed to accomplish both.  I finally got to put a tick beside one to-do item (which was sadly at the mercy of a long wait for a certain delivery).  And in one serendipitous moment, I picked up a present for someone else.

Here are my finds.  I had to make sure that the recipients had already opened their presents before I made this post.  Who knew that Fully Booked’s basement is a treasure trove for comic enthusiasts?!  In my case, I didn’t even know they have a basement!  And I’ve been there numeous times for my Moleskines and StarbucksBatman will be so happy there!



Green Lantern


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