And presents on the tree…

2 10 2010

THAT SAVE a tree.  That’s how I feel whenever I wrap my gifts in nothing but recycled Starbucks paper bags.  It has been quite a tradition for me for a few years now.  I’ve never thrown away any of their to-go paper bags because I’m just so fascinated with the design and the earthiness of the colors they used.  And they do mean it when they said I could reuse these bags.  They are just so sturdy.

A few of my Starbucks paper bags. Now that the gift-giving season is approaching, what I do is tear these bags at the seams (it takes time!) and store them neatly, for use as my gift wrappers!

They were stacking up in my room, and before they would have ended up being taller than I, I had to find a meaningful use for them.  That’s when it hit me.  I didn’t end up just reusing them.  I repurposed them.

One down. Green Lantern is next.




To make my gifts special – besides wrapping each and every one with my own hands – I trim them with ribbons in the hues of the respective recipients's favorite colors.


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