Tendon in the night

15 10 2010

North Park's Aniseed Beef Tendon on Dry, Braised Empress Hair Noodles

I SPENT last weekend bingeing on cholesterol after shopping ‘til I almost dropped.  It was rapturous for my tummy.  But the more I munched, the more my head kept interrupting my rhythmic chewing with thoughts of having to make a stop for Lipitor.

Restaurants at Town could be spilling over on the weekends.  Long lines forming outside establishments, while certainly a promise of really good food, could prove quite discouraging.  But if there is one perk of needing just a table for one, it is that you can zip past through the long wait.

Besides, I’ve never had a problem getting a seat – a booth even – at North Park.

As an homage to Brother, I ordered our favorite Aniseed Beef Tendon, asking for it with dry braised Empress Hair noodles.  These noodles are the thinnest in their selection of six – Flat Shanghai, Herb, Whole Wheat, Canton, Hong Kong, and Empress Hair.

The dish that arrived at my table was a painting on a plate.  Setup against a massive canvass of pristine white china, a generous bundle of perfectly cooked Empress Hair sat at the center, bordered on either side by steamed baby bok choy.  Tender chunks of beef tendon – almost gelatinous, belying the sinewiness expected of these inelastic bands of tissue – beautifully sit on top, with the warm aniseed-perfumed dark brown sauce slithering down to drench the noodles.  I paced my eating, licking every single drop of the sauce, as if delaying ultimate gratification.  That, and the fear that I would run out of noodles before my brain would tell me I was already full, a dilemma resolved with a side of extra plain noodles.

That beef tendon was super tender and yummy!


The free soup was so robustly flavorful.


My favorite cold Chrysanthemum Juice

This North Park indulgence happened on a Saturday.  And the craving that it ignited carried on to Sunday that I just had to have yet a couple of my other favorites – Beef Tendon Toast Noodles and Beef Wanton Toast Noodles from Kim Hiong Food Garden on Ongpin Street!

Kim Hiong Beef Wanton Toast Noodles


Honestly, these are my favorite, hand-made noodles!


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