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20 10 2010

My basic tomato sauce using Hunt's Stewed Tomatoes

CERTAIN EVENTS in life result to drastic decisions.  Over the weeked, I resolved to have my facebook account deleted.  And first thing on Monday morning, I did delete it.  A major subsequent decision had to be made – to have my meals alone.  I figured that I might need the patience of a Tibetan monk, sitting on the summit of Mt. Everest, contemplating the fate of this world, to be able to pull this resolution off.

But if the past couple of days were any early indication – operative word being “early” – I think I might just do.

I came home Monday night thinking about my lunch options the following day.  As it has clearly been the safest and easiest meal to whip up, pasta was a no-brainer of a decision.  And since my promise to my good friend Brenda – to kitchen test my tomato sauce recipes and recommend them to her – still stands, I made the second version of my basic tomato sauce.  This time, I used Hunt’s Stewed Tomatoes.

One can of Hunt's Stewed Tomatoes is just enough for one serving... for me!


I did put one fresh tomato this time around. Fresh tomatoes should be blanched and then peeled.

The recipe is the same for when I use diced tomatoes.  Only this time, I made a conscious effort to dice the halved stewed tomatoes rather finely.  Usually, I’d settle for a rough chop, or even just tearing the tomatoes with my bare hands.  But having made a couple of drastic moves – getting out of THE social network and adopting a hermit-like existence – I allowed myself a little therapeutic time by taking all the time in the world it needed to chop the tomatoes, yes, finely.

I finished the dish before midnight, allowed everything (noodles and sauce) to cool before I lidded the spill-proof container, and stuck it in the fridge.  At lunchtime the following day, I took the lid off and discovered that the dish was able to hold up to all the storing and the handling.  For a first deliberate meal alone, it was fantastic.  Even without nuking it as if it was leftover.

Of course, only angel hair will do for me.


The finished sauce is poured on top of the pasta.


Lunch is served!


The dish was able to hold up to all the storing and the handling.


It was yummy!


Obviously, I love my own cooking. Hahaha! One last shot before I finished it off.


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