Forever fave footwear

29 10 2010

Adidas Samba in classic black with three white stripes

THE BROWN and black shoes of my childhood seemed meant to last forever.  The most memorable pairs were Adidas leather lace-ups that said they were “Made in Yugoslavia.”  So I practically grew up thinking that Adidas were brown, black, leather, and came from a Southeastern European country that now no longer exists.  Those, and the usual white running shoes.

It wasn’t until 2003 when I got introduced to the Samba, Adidas’s indoor soccer training shoes.  I saw it on my then new friend Michel Fisher and I thought they looked great.  To this day, my fascination for these shoes remains to be one of his enduring influences on my footwear preference.

Since then, I’ve made sure that I would have at least one pair in good condition every year.  The first time I bought them at their Vacaville outlet store, I got four pairs.  Those are now worn out – but I’ve kept them for sentimental reasons.

Last weekend, I decided to get a new pair in a new color combo I haven’t tried – classic black with three gold stripes.  Unfortunately, It wasn’t available in my size so I had to settle for the classic black with three white stripes.  Such a beauty that I just want to stare at them and not wear them at all.

I'm thinking about going back for the one with gold stripes!


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