Just here for the chicken and probably noodles on the side

4 11 2010

My not-waterproof Canon IXUS860IS was at the mercy of the evening drizzle. But I couldn't resist taking a shot of this.


Zong at Westgate

THERE ARE restaurants that you keep going back to just because of one dish.  We go back to Zong just because my mother loves their salted egg-crusted chicken.  Around it, we build the menu.

For this weekend dinner at their Westgate branch, we made a spread that had fresh prawn dumplings (hakao), steamed pork spareribs with taro, prawns with broccoli flowers, hot and sour soup, spinach and seafood soup, and yang chow fried rice.

Prawn Hakao (fresh prawn dumpling)


Steamed Pork Spareribs with Taro


Prawn with Broccoli Flowers


There were a lot of broccoli in this dish. I favor the stalks, actually.


Hot and Sour Soup


Yang Chow Fried Rice

At any place that offers noodles, I would get myself some.  Here, I got myself a huge bowl of beef wanton noodle soup.  Not exactly disappointing, but cetainly not on a par with the likes of my all-time favorite Kim Hiong (in Ongpin), and my new favorite Mey Lin (hand-pulled noodles).

Beef Wanton Noodle Soup

I certainly don’t confine myself within the bounds of appetizer-soup-main course-dessert.  Because aside from the noodles, I also had to have their hot and sour soup, and the spinach and seafood soup.  At some point, I checked myself if I were fancying our usual Chinese dinner as some sort of degustation.  That, or probably, I was just my usual insatiable self.  Something that prompted a couple of things – firstly, ordering three of the top dishes of the night for takeout; and, secondly, crossing the street for dessert at Café Breton.

Insatiable means takeout!


I love the cobblestone feel of tables at Cafe Breton.


The bill!

Oh, I spoke too soon.  I meant, “prompted three things” as the Chinese theme extended well into the following night.  But this time, it was takeout from Ongpin, consisting of beancurd hot pot with mixed seafood, broccoli flowers and leaves in oyster sauce, and yang chow fried rice.

Beancurd Hot Pot with Mixed Seafood


Broccoli Flowers and Leaves in Oyster Sauce


Yang Chow Fried Rice



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2 responses

8 11 2010

dinner at ZONG with you and batman…happy times 🙂


8 02 2011

The prawn w/ broccoli, noodles and tofu does look yummy!! 😀 oh yeah, i love MeyLin too!!!


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