Lab guy marks another one

6 11 2010

Photo from a Disneyland (Anaheim, California) trip with Sagewin, Brother, and Friendship.

IN EPISODE 13 of season one of “The Big Bang Theory”, I found the following exchange to be unforgettable.

“Hey, check it out.  I got you a Batman cookie jar.” – Leonard

“Oh, neat.  What’s the occasion?” – Sheldon

“Well, you’re a friend and you like Batman and cookies…” – Leonard

Unforgettable because it’s one of those little things that bring someone special to mind.  Besides the obvious reference to The Brave and Bold, Leonard’s thoughtfulness brought to mind my genius of a friend, Sagewin.  See, even his nickname evokes the image of a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom.  So fitting for him that I often forget to refer to him by his real first name – Erwin.

He has never given me a Batman cookie jar.  But he has given me lots of Superman movie posters.  He knows I like Superman, movies, and posters.  Once I do get around to having them all framed and hung on the walls, I’ll send him photos.

We haven’t seen each other for years, and with each one that passes, I’m even more reminded that some bonds do defy distance, time, and even logic.  My friendship with Erwin has.  Especially the logic part – how else can I explain the patience with which a UC Davis Ph.D. candidate keeps a lowlife like myself for his friend?

Today, Saturday, November 6th, marks his birthday.  Happy birthday, Erwin!

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