The curious case of Mike

14 12 2010

My good friend Mike chooses to "live curious".

FASHION PLATE would come close to describe my good friend Mike.  It’s both a reference to his sense of clothing and an effort to not deviate too far off from this blog’s original intention (read:  plate, meaning that on which food is served).

I’ve always told him that his style is like putting on anything that he gets his hands on – without much thought or care – yet managing to look so well-put-together.  He has a fine taste when it comes to shirts, pants, shoes, scents, and wristwatches.  It goes without saying that I’d have a field day rummaging through his wardrobe and taking whatever I like.  Hahaha!  Dream on.

I finally got reminded to make this post about him today after seeing him first thing this morning.  He beat me to getting those fabulous and meaningful National Geographic Channel “Live Curious” shirts!

Lovin' this ensemble! That wristwatch belongs to me! Hahaha!


Oh, Mike has a superhero name too! It's IronMan.


This adidas jacket is calling out my name!


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One response

15 12 2010

Live curious! I love what it says! The world is indeed too big to not be explored — whether by your feet or by your mind!


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