One day I farfalle*

17 12 2010



Iron Man furrowed his brows and looked back at me, parrying my seeming inappropriate question with an expected questioning look.  Expected because I threw in my question right smack when he was negotiating a stringy portion of lechon (roasted pig) he was served.  As for me, I’ve totally sworn off lechon, allowing me time to pester the superhero to my right.  I caught him mid-bite, my question throwing him off from all the concentration he had focused on a yummy piece of meat.

I motioned to him to carry on.  Besides, the question was rather rhetorical.  And Iron Man knew exactly what I meant.  It’s amazing how, between friends, thoughts and intentions can be reduced to one line.  And in this case, reduced to the name of a pasta dish asked like a chant-like intoned prayer – “Farfalle alla Genovese?”

Iron Man, a reflection, and Brother

We were actually at the reception of a good friend’s son’s christening – yeah I know, all the more that my question reeked with insensitivity – but soon enough, I did get my prayer answered.  And before long, off Iron Man and I went to Town to meet up with Brother for a movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1) and, you guess it right, Farfalle Alla Genovese!

Where else but in Cibo!

Checking the time at Cibo

When you’re like me who can get obssessed with a dish for months on end, you would want to ask for it right away the moment you get comfortably settled in your seat.  But I have to admit, whatever little gastronomic propriety is left in me, it tells me to still ask for at least a starter.  For this dinner, we decided on the Spinaci Zola (spinach and gorgonzola dip), served with toasted and soft melba toast rounds.  I swear by Funghi Praga, a recommendation of Friendship’s, but in deference to Brother’s restrictions, “bawal ang pork!”

Bread and a fabulous dip took care of the necessary formality, and I didn’t allow any other – soup or salad – to get between me and my farfalle!  Oh, I spoke too soon.  There was Iron Man, with whom I shared the family sized-serving of this wonderful al dente bowtie pasta tossed with a fresh wild mushroom cream sauce and basil pesto, topped with a fresh grating of the best parmesan cheese and a few grinds of the pepper mill.  For someone like me who favors tomato-based sauces over cream ones, Cibo’s farfalle alla genovese is the foremost exception.

Farfalle Alla Genovese!


First serving of the pasta for Iron Man.


Brother, ever the carnivore, opted for the Costolette D’Agnello, a duo of well-done (his preference) grilled lamb chops, doused with a sauce of red wine reduction perfumed with mint, and served alongside a parsley rice pilaf.  I’ve often heard that nothing beats tasting Italy in springtime than with the tenderness of lamb, grilled to perfection as the classic Costolette D’Agnello.  I couldn’t vouch for that.  But Brother could, evidenced by whatever remained – or didn’t – on his plate.

Costolette D'Agnello


Brother let me have the grilled zucchini that came with the lamb.


Brother prefers his meat well-done. And these chops are well-done and yet still tender and flavorful.


See what I mean? This is one of the things that I love having dinner with Brother. We're both such "enthusiastic" and "appetizing" eaters!


Iron Man and Brother loaded up on anti-oxidants by way of red grape shakes!


Of course I had my favorite Tomato Juice! Lycopene-loading!


*For five nights in a row, I’ve been putting “Moulin Rouge” on.  On a couple of nights, to send me to deep slumber.  But on the others, to put the “Your Song” clip into heavy rotation – singing along all the time.  For this blog post, the song “One Day I’ll Fly Away” came to mind and inspired the title above.

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One response

17 12 2010

Hahaha! One Day, I Farfalle! Hahaha! I do love that song (both the original Randy Crawford and Nicole Kidman versions) and the movie it came from!

Anyway, Cibo = ❤


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