21 12 2010

Something fit for a princess!

“SOMETHING FOR the two little feet that belong to a princess – Adrianna.  From Tito eNTeNG.”  That’s how I signed the card that went with my gift for Batman’s precious little Adrianna who had her baptismal last Saturday, the 18th of December.  I’m not really good at getting gifts for kids.  But when it came to Batman’s lovely daughter, I guess it was a choice of whether I wanted her to become a shoe fiend or a bag addict.  Her delicate arms couldn’t tote a purse on her own just yet.  But the straps on these shoes could hold them in place on her feet.  Though Batman said Ianna would surely take them off.

I’ve actually looked forward to finally seeing this little princess eversince that May 10, 2010 09:26:29 PM text message that said, “Batman now has an heiress.”  True to form, the Dark Knight’s heiress is named after a superhero.  Adrianna was taken from ‘Adrian Veidt’, believed to be the smartest man on the planet, from the comic book limited series ‘Watchmen’.

Ianna’s special day happening just a week before Christmas, I expected traffic to be heavy.  But nothing prepared me to getting stuck for over fours hours on the road.  The most wonderful time of the year just happens to be the most harrowing too – I mean, traffic-wise.  But the half hour I got to spend at Cabalen Restaurant on West Avenue was well-worth the travel time and the tip I promised – and gave – the cabbie if he got me to my destination 15 minutes before it would have been a wrap.

Festive in the color of the season – a simple gift for Adrianna!

Unforgivably and shamelessly late, I was still welcomed warmly by Batman, his lovely wife, and their Ianna.  Batman kept teasing me that even after a couple of rounds, I was nowhere near satiation as I wasn’t able to “really” get my fill of the eat-all-you-can buffet spread.  But whatever I got to devour – Manila Clams in a Spicy Fermented Black Beans Sauce, and Swamp Cabbage (Kangkong) in Fermented Shrimp Paste – I absolutely liked…  and came back for for seconds!

A plate of manila clams in a spicy fermented black beans sauce and swamp cabbage in fermented shrimp paste. Sooo delicious!!!


I'm definitely going back to Cabalen for the food that I got to try at Ianna's baptismal reception!

For dessert that I got to bring with me and enjoy at home, I had Frostings cupcakes in red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and in “swiss chocolatewith a milk chocolate frosting dotted with chunks of luscious swiss chocolate.

Frostings Swiss Chocolate cupcake, their bestseller, I've been told.


Frostings Red Velvet cupcake

Back in the comfort of my bedroom, I took an Oneida dessert fork with me, opened the lid of the red velvet cupcake, put on the DVD of Eat Pray Love, and ate, prayed, and loved the fact that another precious life – that of Ianna’s – is in this world.  A true testament to God’s opinion that life, and this world as we know it, should go on.

The cream cheese frosting was quite luscious!


Red Velvet cupcake is the love!




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3 responses

21 12 2010

those are the prettiest little shoes i have ever seen…great job partner! now i’m jealous of adrianna 🙂


21 12 2010

that’s nice! a starry, starry night shoes! 🙂


22 12 2010
eyes only

mukhang nagustuhan mo yung cupcakes bossing enteng, sila yung bida ng blog mo eh. 😛

pero nakakapanibago…parang konti lang nakain mo, mukhang di mo nasulit yung Cabalen. 😛 😛 😛


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