Food for the demigods

28 12 2010

Iron Man at Cyma

“WHAT ARE you wearing…  and what color?”

Under usual circumstances, I would’ve cut this phone conversation short, as the question was sounding to be of adult persuasion.  I was not about to engage in one.  Fortunately, the person on the other end of the line happened to be one really good friend.  And so the conversation went on.

“What are you wearing…  and what color?”

“Polo shirt.  Light blue.”

“How many are you there at your table?  Just Iron Man with you?  Where are you seated?”

“Just two.  Yes, it’s only Iron Man who’s with me.  We’re at a corner table, by the wine selection.”

“Who’s your server?  Can you get the name of the manager?”

“Angel.  The manager’s name is Ryan.”

“Oh, he’s new.  Ok, just stay put.  I’ll call you back.”

Stay put.  As if there was anywhere else to go when faced with arguably one of the best – if not the best – renditions of the delicious cuisine of Greece here in the Philippines!

Cyma is one of those few restaurants that prompted me to incessantly bug my friends to make them try, as if spreading the gospel about a gastronomic heaven.  I’m quite proud to say that I was the one who introduced Batman and Superman to Cyma.

And in keeping with a seeming tradition, I initiated yet another superhero to the food for the gods.  Quite fitting, when I look at it on hindsight.

Iron Man had been having quite a toxic couple of weeks at work.  I was working closely with him on some of the issues and all I could tell myself was that it wasn’t feeling like Christmas or the year-end.  So when we finally had the chance to rise to the surface and breathe, I let out my signature line, “Farfalle Alla Genovese?”  Only this time, we moved farther to the right – crossing the Mediterranean Sea – to Greece.

As this was intended to be a treat for Iron Man, I took charge of the ordering and asked for my usuals – Roka Salata, Kakavia Entreé, Steak Souvlaki, and Solomos Angel Hair.  This is my own Fantastic Four that I deal like a hand of cards when I want to make a good impression.  Suffice it to say, I was hanging by every word that the demigod before me would utter right after getting first bites of each dish.

Roka Salata

I would describe Roka Salata as a salad of fresh arugula and delicate hearts of romaine lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, and candied walnuts topped with shaved parmesan cheese in a special, original Greek vinaigrette.  Sans my embellished description, the salad actually instantaneously won Iron Man’s approval.  I remember him making a particular comment about the dressing.  I took his word and approving nods as cue, so I went on – smiling, I have to say – to translate “roka salata” in English.  Picking on each component on my plate, I introduced him to arugula, hearts of romaine, sun-dried tomatoes, and candied walnuts.  In an attempt to sound authoritative, my oft-used description of “peppery” (for the taste of arugula) rolled off my tongue.  He just smiled.  Almost mockingly, I may add.  Hahaha!

Iron Man's first serving of Kakavia.


Serving number two

I hastened to introduce Kakavia as some glorified congee – not in an effort to demean this hearty fisherman’s soup, but with the desire to speed up its acquaintance with Iron Man by the mention of the familiar.  We asked for the entreé serving size, a testament to how much I believe this dish to be capable of becoming anyone’s instant favorite.  I helped Iron Man to his first serving, making sure that he got all the fresh seafood swimming in the saffron-infused broth.  I absolutely love the dill – or is it fennel frond? – that flavors this soup so I scooped that too into the demigod’s bowl.  He absolutely loved it.  I would’ve forgiven him if he slurped.

Steak Souvlaki


The grilled vegetables were succulent and sweet!


Solomos Angel Hair

For our mains, we feasted on the steak souvlaki – tender chunks of beef, grilled to perfect medium doneness, and served with warm pita bread and garlic yogurt sauce – and the pasta – strands of angel hair pasta completely coated in a tomato-cream sauce, studded with chunks of salmon and crumbled feta cheese.

Halfway through dinner, the manager approached us.  I thought it was just the obligatory chit chat with the customer.

“Hi, Sir.  How’s your dinner?  By the way, I’m Ryan, the manager.  We’re fixing a dessert platter for you courtesy of Ms. Friend-of-your-Good-Friend.”

So that was what the seeming 1-800-IMakeYouHappy call was about.  Soon enough, we got served with an artistically presented slice of baklava and a huge scoop of ice cream.

I love Cyma.  Iron Man now does too!



Ice Cream


This chandelier looks so much better in person!


Cyma Menu

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One response

28 12 2010

You’ll never go wrong with Cyma, very good choice!
Their Roka Salata is always superb!


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