Table for three

29 12 2010

What's left of ice cream at a table for three

JUST WHEN I wasn’t really intending to make new (great) friends anymore, I made two really great ones this year.  For quite a while, I’ve resolved that I don’t have a reason for new close associations.  But life clearly does take pleasure in proving me wrong – yet again.

I will always look back with gratitude to 2010 because of Green Lantern and the Flash.  Yes, I’ve never played DOTA with them, and I charge it to the 12– and 14–year age gaps.  But they’ve proven to me a lot of the clichés about friendship that we’ve often found to be painfully trite.  And when you find people who can actually breathe life to all the greeting card corniness in this world, you’d be a fool to let them go.

We find the same things funny.  That’s why no matter how cringe-inducing it is to say this next line – watch out, mush at full speed ahead – I really have to say that there has never been a dull moment with these two superheroes.  They can make the sun shine through on an overcast day.  And in a number of occasions, they have managed to lighten my load – the things I bear that nobody else can see.  I’m supposed to be the wisest in the group, being the oldest, yet in a number of times, I had to acknowledge the benefits of their youthful wisdom.

It’s just a couple of days ‘til this year ends.  And I couldn’t help but recognize how amazing the clarity that comes with being alone in this space and trying to look back to all those times that defined my friendships.  I close my eyes and I see a few times when all three of us would sit next to each other – or share a meal together – sometimes, without speaking a word.  And yet I feel that even in silence, I have had some of the best conversations in my life.  I’ve had it with them.

Green Lantern had already left to pursue his dreams on some distant shore.  The Flash is back home down South.  I look forward to all three of us back at the same table for three and eat, talk and feel like no time has passed.  For now, the memories of our farewell dinner will have to do.

Happy new year!

Your blogger, Green Lantern, and the Flash.


I had this angel hair pomodoro.


Green Lantern had angel hair pomodoro with grilled chicken breast.


The Flash asked for the beef tenderloin steak, served with mashed potato and buttered steamed vegetables.


Green Lantern and the Flash


With the Flash's steak already wiped out, it was time to go over the dessert menu!


Blueberry Panna Cotta


A tight shot of the blueberry panna cotta


Tiramisu, topped with candied orange peel.


We told Italianni's that Green Lantern's leaving on a jetplane in the morning so we wanted the dinner to double up as his birthday celebration as well. They sent this ice cream to our table... and the crew wished him well through a song!


Green Lantern and your blogger


Green Lantern and the Flash


Green Lantern and the crew of Italianni's at the SM Mall of Asia


Why so sad, the Flash?


That's better.


Green Lantern's green tea latte over ice, the Flash's caramel cream frappuccino, and my chai tea latte over ice.


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2 responses

2 01 2011

Thanks for all the ups and downs during 2010. It’s been one of the most memorable years because it was colorful. almost every crayons were used last year. and by coloring, i don’t mean the same thing as samantha quoted it in “sex and the city” the movie part1. *laughs*

Happy New Year Boss eNTeNG!


8 02 2011

i love even their complimentary bread with dip 😉


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