1 01 2011

Happy new year!!!

IF NEW year’s eve beliefs do hold true, then I would expect going through 2011 smelling like Black by Kenneth Cole and American Sweet Ham combined.  I should’ve known better than douse myself with Mr. Cole’s fresh and fruity aromatic fougère after stepping out of the shower and just right before slaving over a hot stove to pan-fry cured meat, the finishing touch to the meal.

By the stroke of midnight, I was a concoction of sweet meat laced with a thin sheetlike expanse of lard blended with the essences of basil, ginger, cedar leaf, nutmeg, lotus flower, violet leaves, and black suede.  On their own, each would smell fantastic.  But all mixed up on my skin?  Not the best idea.  Hahaha!

I fixed myself a plate of pasta, ham, bread, and cheese; slumped on to the sofa after hugging everybody (and subjecting them to my Kenneth Cole-American Sweet Ham scent!); and reached for my cellphone to check if my text greetings to 35 people made it through.  Iron Man wins the award for the first greeter.

Happy new year!  Here’s to a 2011 full of happiness, memories to be made, hope, farewells, and “see-you-agains”.

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