Wrapping and writing

2 01 2011

For the recent holiday season, I wrapped my gifts in repurposed Starbucks paper bags and yellow ribbons. A letter came with each one.

BY THE time I was done tearing Starbucks paper bags apart, I had exactly 38 sheets.  (A large paper bag yields two sheets, the small brown one just unfolds to full length.)  For the third year in a row, I repurposed all the Starbucks paper bags I’ve accumulated over the months, into gift wrappers.

Gift wrappers made from Starbucks paper bags

I put a lot of thought into each gift.  And for added personal touch, I wrap everything by myself, pulling an all-nighter every time.  For this last one, I used up all those sheets of Starbucks paper and 30 meters of the brightest, widest yellow ribbon I could find at National Bookstore.




And I just couldn’t stop at “Season’s greetings”.  I have to write actual letters.  My thoughts and feelings flowed freely through my right hand and out of my blue-inked ballpoint pen, landing on to the surface of contamination-control sheets of paper torn off of my Berkshire cleanroom notebook.

Some of the letters


Each letter is really personalized.


I wrote all the letters in one sitting. So by the time I was done, I was already calloused. Hahaha!


Wrapped inside this one is a book from a popular children's book series. It took me a while to find it. It was sold out at two Powerbooks branches I went to and at a couple of National Bookstores. Fortunately, I did find one – the last copy! – after rummaging through the deep recesses of one National Bookstore's shelves. I made the small yellow ribbon in the car, on the way to deliver the gift.


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