The only exception

4 01 2011

The "Rustan's Great Holiday Expectations paper" bag made for really great holiday gift wrapper!

RIGHT AFTER I was done wrapping this one gift, I just had to put on Paramore’s “The Only Exception”.  All together now, “You are the only exception / You are the only exception…”

In a sea of Starbucks paper bag-wrapped presents, this Rustan’s paper bag-wrapped one sticks out, the yellow ribbon the only thing that says it is akin to the rest.  But even the way I made the ribbon for this one seems to make it a bit more special.  I like that at an angle it looks like a two-tier cake, really puffy and almost perfectly circular.

The ribbon turned out perfectly circular!


The ribbon actually has a nice height to it!


The Rustan's Great Holiday Expectations paper bag unfolded to full length. It was the perfect wrapper for this one gift!


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