Ian McEwan making dinner

9 01 2011

“DID IAN McEwan make dinner?”  I just had to ask, because what I saw on the table – grilled tilapia, and a selection of fresh salads – felt like atonement for all the bingeing over the holidays.

Fresh Seaweed Salad


This has the feel of bubble wrap in your mouth, but tasty!

Of the spread, I favored two the most – the one with cucumber, tomatoes and shallots (sibuyas tagalog) and the one with seaweed.

Fresh Cucumber Salad


At home, the cucumber is always seeded, then sliced paper thin.

I set aside huge portions for myself, right before they were doused with the dressing.  For a little adventure, I opted to make my own dressing from the juice of eight large calamansi (calamondin), salt, freshly ground black pepper, and a couple of splashes of Mitsukan Hon Mirin (sweet rice wine) instead of the usual local cane vinegar.

A selection of condiments. Mitsukan trumps Datu Puti this time.

Dinner turned out superb.  I cleaned one large rice cooker’s worth of steamed white rice.  But my expanded girth is not complaining.

I love this – Mitsukan's Hon Mirin (sweet rice wine). I use it for my cold sesame peanut butter noodles, and now, for salad dressings too!


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10 01 2011

I love the Ian McEwan reference.


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