Life happens

21 01 2011

"I see trees of green..."

THEY SAY life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.  At the Mall of Asia (MOA), life is what happens when you’re waiting for a table (at YakiMIX).

I found myself particularly pensive Friday night, exactly a week ago.  I was on my way, walking to the restaurant for a dinner treat.  It was a long walk and there was no rush.  The seating hostess told us it would be a bit of a wait.

So I went and wandered.  And everytime I’d pass by a carousing group of friends, everytime I’d hear boisterous laughter, all the more that I felt I should turn around and walk away from the dinner plan.  I felt I shouldn’t be there.  Something was missing.

That was when I unknowingly looked to the sky and then became aware of all the wonderful LED-lit trees around me.  A song played in my head and I knew, “something told me you were there with me.  And you made everything alright.”

Once again, a song captured exactly how I felt that very moment.  As I hummed the melody and sang parts of the verse, I renewed my commitment to reach my dreams.  To be somewhere else.  Sometime.





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