Weekend with family

24 01 2011

The Façade

VICARIOUS THRILL best describes how it feels like to have visiting family over.  My eldest brother, his wife, and their brood of three are at the homestretch of their month-long vacation here in the Philippines.  They’re on vacation, and I convince myself that I am too.  Hahaha!  The weekends – especially this last one – have proven to be a respite from the toxicity of the workweeks.

Upon my aunt’s invitation, all of us went to her resthouse in Tagaytay.  In the family, I was the last one to set foot there as I would always have schedule conflicts whenever they would make the long drive to the place.  My mother would always tell me that it was about time I saw my youngest brother’s work.  I got out of the car and my jaw literally dropped and I lost composure in my attempt to channel the Daphe Oseña Paez and do my best effort of doing an “Urban Zone” feature of the structure.

Youngest Brother designed this?”

“Yes, and he interior decorated it too.  I sent him to buying trips (in Asia) for everything you see inside the house.”


I loved how the living room area was glass-paneled on one side, with a ceiling height extending to almost three storeys.  I would’ve asked for the huge snowball drop chandeliers if they would fit in the trunk!

For posterity, my brothers and I posed behind the glass wall – a panel each – doing our best impression of a department store window.  I was tempted to comment, “Vu-ma-Vanity Fair.”  Hahaha!

The Façade at an angle


The neighbors


I like this house a lot. I was told that it is yet to be finished.


I love love L-O-V-E these "snowball" chandeliers that drop from the highest point of the house. The railing at the foreground is actually the second level. The one above that is the third level.


The chandeliers against dusk


Outdoor sitting at the front


I love the gate!


View from the top


I love that the "main" bathroom at the second level actually has a five-star hotel feel to it. It opens to a lot of stalls and cubicles, with the center island housing the lavatories, mirrors and the toiletries.


Of course there was food! My aunt has always been the most gracious "Hostess with the Mostest"... She had the cook make Baked Spaghetti, and Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, to join the Razon's of Guagua Ensaymada in the spread. My sister-in-law brought the assortment of pastries.


Baked Spaghetti


Blueberry tarts. These were SOOO GOOD!


I'm guessing these were purple yam tarts.


Ensaymada from Razon's of Guagua


Pink cattleyas


Purple cattleyas


Pine trees line the road outside.


Time check!


Time check yet again!


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3 responses

24 01 2011

I love the modern approach on the architecture of this house!
A salute to your brother! Bravo!


28 01 2011

it’s such a beautiful and cozy house! interesting mixture of materials (glass, metal, wood) and their textures! 🙂 the interior is great! i love the snowball chandeliers, the dramatic lighting effect, the furnitures!

PS: I love the watch! And of course, I also love the food! hehehehe.. 🙂


1 02 2011
eyes only

bossing, dapat pala siya pinag-design natin ng mga cube dito sa atin! 😛


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