Moo two nights in a row

4 02 2011

Clean! This is The Flash's. I always use Pepper Lunch's orange chopsticks. And I end up with a clean plate too!

IT WAS a one-sided carnage outside a Roman coliseum.  For two consecutive nights.

Brother, The Flash and myself spent a couple of nights together shopping *wink*.  I guess it was just one of my little efforts for a little more altruism in this world.  That is, expressing my unselfish concern for the welfare of others.  I mean, in terms of what they strap on their wrists.

With The Flash


With Brother

Of course, shopping meant getting famished towards the evening’s end.  As both were nights in Town, the three of us decided – no long discussions necessary – to indulge in our carnivorous desires at Pepper Lunch.

As a creature of habit, I’d order the same thing over and over again.  I would stop at the point in the menu where it says, “Beef Pepper Rice”, which is like the starting point.  I’d ask for it to be “double beef” then, I’d have extra Mixed Pepper Rice, and Miso Soup.  Once settled comfortably in my seat, I’d make another go to ask for a side of Vegetables (just the bean sprouts, please!).  And once I’m done with the first portion of rice that comes with the dish, I’d make yet another trip to the cashier – or the likes of Hazel or Oteph at Town would offer to do it for me – to get another Miso Soup and another side of Vegetables.

See, I always eat for two.  Hahaha! 

Pepper Lunch has been a favorite and I’ve talked about it in length here.  Five posts, to be exact – here (Now this is sizzling hot), here (Stare. Spread. Flip. Enjoy.), here (Dinner, a movie, and “semblance of a life”), here (Peppery & Spidey), and here (The Caped Crusader in person at Pepper Lunch).

Double Beef Pepper Rice


My Double Beef Pepper Rice, mixed up!


I really love the amount of yummy "fat" that comes with the beef in their Beef Pepper Rice!


Brother's Double Beef Teriyaki Pepper Rice. He was busy surfing the net when this landed on the table. So I took it upon myself to "cook" his food.


The Flash's Salmon Pepper Rice


Brother's Tokusen Rib Eye Steak


Brother spreading butter on his Tokusen Rib Eye Steak!


The Flash's Unagi Pepper Rice


Really yummy unagi!


Mixed Pepper Rice


Quite obviously, I'm super fond of pepper! And Pepper Lunch uses only the outermost covering, which is the most fragrant part of the peppercorn!


Molten Chocolate Cake A La Mode. Pepper Lunch has fab desserts too! I haven't tried any of the salads though.


Vanilla Crepe Cake A La Mode


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2 responses

6 02 2011
twitter @pepperphil

You guys rock! Wow you surely know how to order, impressed!! Thank you always for your support 😉


7 02 2011

as always Bossing Enteng, you’re the best! pia magalona’s tweet… nice! 🙂


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