Rewarding one’s self

4 02 2011

Philip Stein Oversized Signature Chronograph in All-Stainless Steel

ONE CONCEPT I have consistently espoused is rewarding one’s self.  Very much like loving yourself first before you become truly able to love others, I believe that you have to learn to reward yourself before you can truly know what it feels like – and what kind of joy it brings – to reward your fellow men.

So the very moment I saw a slim window of opportunity – everything in this world is perfect timing – I told someone very dear to me that it is high time for him to reward himself.  And very much like how I do it for myself, I also said that he is at that point in his life wherein a reward will likewise be a fitting token to mark a life-changing milestone.

I tell you, everything in this world is perfect timing.  And yes, the pun is intended!

The choice came down between Tag Heuer and Philip Stein.  I was very opinionated – and he patiently listened, while teasing that I could very well be a watch salesman – but I left the final decision all to him.  I told him to sleep on it and by the morning, he would know which to pick.  He slept on it and by the following day, he put this on his wrist.

I love this wristwatch too.  But I can’t afford it.  It’s great to live some of your dreams vicariously through friends.  Hahaha!

What a face! Big, bold, beautiful... my Three B's in choosing wristwatches.


This hefty timepiece is secured by a Push-Button Double-Deployant buckle.




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