Is that Prada?

7 02 2011

FOR ALL the weekends and a couple of weekdays in January, we passed by this structure that was being built right across (I think) the NAIA Terminal 3.  I don’t know exactly what it is.  But to me, it has the look of either a UFO or an haute couture flagship store (think Prada at the Daniel Libeskind-and-David Rockwell-designed Crystals just off Las Vegas’ Strip).  I’m filing this under the header of ‘What is that?’

This structure is being built on what I would call a rotunda. So everytime we would pass by, I'd take shots in succession as we move around it. When I'm done, I need someone to pass me the Bonamine. Hahaha!


Click!... I'm quite happy with the stabilizer in my two-year-old trusty Canon IXUS 860IS.


Click! Click!


Click! Click! Click!... The other side of it all.


Capturing it at night wasn't as easy. All I would get were plays of light.


Amazing blue lights

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One response

7 02 2011

this was the same question i had when we passed by this structure on the way to the airport this morning. what is that? it just does not make sense.


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