The only time I have beer

7 02 2011

Steamed prawns


IS WHEN I steam prawns.  Yes, that’s the only time I would allow beer to give me a kiss on the lips.

My recipe isn’t exactly my original.  I learned it seven years ago over lunch at a friend’s house in Boise, Idaho.  I just couldn’t stop raving about the steamed prawns she served.  And the shameless solicitor of recipes in me just wouldn’t leave without knowing exactly everything that went into the pot.  It was the simplest thing – prawns, Sprite, and Corona beer.  My version here at home?  Prawns, Sprite and San Mig Light.

I made this recipe for my visiting, Chicago-based, 10-year-old nephew.  Like me, he loves seafood, something I discovered when I brought him and his two brothers – the 14-year-old and the six-year-old – to an “immersion” of sorts.  A trip to the local wet & dry market.  I knew that an undeniable stench saluted their nostrils – something I’m so used to as marketing is a chore I love doing – the moment our feet stepped on the puddles of muddy water so commonplace at local markets.

“Uncle, I’m fine.  I’m fine,” the six-year-old kept saying whenever I would offer to carry him instead.  He would gesture with both his hands, his head moving from side to side.  It was so cute.

“Uncle, they say prawns here in the Philippines are bigger than my hands.  Can you show me?”  the 10-year-old chimed in.  So I brought them to the seafood section and since I thought he was just interested in the prawns for show, I just got him exactly seven pieces.

We went home and I immediately went to work on dinner.  The evening’s menu had chicken pork adobo and chicken macaroni soup (sopas).  (Say what?!  I know, the pairing is weird.)

I called the kids to the dinner table and that’s when the 10-year-old looked at me and asked, “Uncle, where are my prawns?”  Oh, he wanted the prawns for dinner, not for “play.”  Hahaha!

Good thing I have my friend’s steamed prawns recipe.  They were able to start dinner and in five minutes, the prawns made it to the table.  All it took was opening the refrigerator door.  Whatever remained of the Sprite, I gulped down.

The San Mig Light?  It went to the sink.

Fresh prawns


These prawns had a lot of the orange roe! Yum!


Just less than a couple of bottles away to perfect steamed prawns!


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