It’s Complicated but delicious

8 02 2011

THERE ARE movies that I watch over and over again.  In the past year, one of them turned out to be “It’s Complicated,” starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  It came out in the year Ms. Streep’s other starrer Julie & Julia was released.  On any other given year, either of these roles could’ve given Ms. Streep her much overdue (third, second as Best Actress) Oscar.  But even her compelling turn as the culinary icon Julia Child – remember that quiet, heart-wrenching kitchen scene when she received news that her sister was expecting? – was trumped by America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock’s understated performance in “The Blind Side.”

I think that “It’s Complicated’s” biggest triumph was showing that women of a certain age can still be sexy, passionate, lustful at times, and most of all, in control.  Even in times when the heart collides with the head, she could still be in control.

The movie’s end didn’t succumb to the convenience of cliché, I liked that a lot.  But for me, its appeal mostly comes from all the luscious, almost sinful, reference to food, Ms. Streep’s character being a successful pastry chef/bakeshop owner.  Whenever I would feel down – including times when I would feel hungry but not really hungry hungry just yet – I’d put this movie on and either it would pick me up or it would cause me to create chaos in the kitchen.

I highly recommend this movie.  It has come to the point of me stopping total strangers and telling them they should see it!  Short of clutching them at both arms and shaking them like crazy.

Here are some of the really delicious lines that have been haunting me incessantly.



“It’s called croque monsieur.  The first thing I learned to make when I was living in Paris.  Because the ingredients are really really cheap.” – Jane Adler (Meryl Streep) to Adam (Steve Martin)


“When I was in my early twenties.  I went there to take a six-day pastry class.  And I ended up staying a year working as an apprentice at a bakery” – Jane Adler to Adam


“And the lavender ice cream was the best dessert of any sort I’ve ever had like…  in my life.” – Adam to Jane Adler


“I always make ice cream when I can’t sleep so I’m glad someone was here to eat it.” – Jane Adler to Adam


“I love when you smell like butter.” – Jake Adler (Alec Baldwin) to Jane Adler


“I brought you some coffee cake that you like.  Not as a bribe or anything.” – Jane Adler to Dr. Allen


Jake Adler:  “You’ll make the whole thing, the roast chicken?”
Jane Adler:  “And mashed potatoes.  And sautéed string beans.  And double fudge chocolate cake.  I know your favorite dinner, Jakey.”


“Uhm.  Oh my God.  Uhm…  uhm…  u-uhm…  Could be the best cake I ever made.  You want a piece?  It’s beyond.” – Jane Adler


“I actually know them.  Blueberry scone and a latte.” – Jane Adler


Adam Schaefer:  “Do you think…  do you think you have more of that chocolate cake at your house?”

Jane Adler:  “Hungry?”

Adam Schaefer:  “Starved.”


Jane Adler:  “Okay.  So, basically, I can make you anything on the menu.”

Adam Schaefer:  “No?”

Jane Adler:  “Or, even not on the menu.”

Adam Schaefer: “Really?”

Jane Adler: “Just name it.”

Adam Schaefer:  “Ok.  Wow!  What about a warm chocolate croissant?”

Jane Adler:  “Oh!  It’s my specialty.”

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9 02 2011

The movie sounds delicious in every sense of the word.


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