Northern exposure

8 02 2011

Photo taken with my brother's Samsung camera phone, at Giordano Outlet, Shell of Asia along NLEX

BROTHER ALWAYS tells me that my charisma appeals only to sales associates, service crew personnel, and to baristas.  I actually find this as a compliment, as the feeling is mutual.  I like sales associates, service crew personnel, and baristas.

By our second of three stops at Shell of Asia along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), I knew I’d already made a good impression when upon entering GIORDANO OUTLET, I was cordially met halfway at the floor by the same associate who assisted me a week before.  I didn’t make a huge purchase then – just a pair of jeans in royal blue, an affordable version of the Lacoste pants I had been lusting after – but her warmth was infectious and sincere.  I engaged her in a conversation and I think, I even walked her through my shopping philosophy.  Hahaha!  Too much information.  I came out of the store with three bags – a nylon jacket for my brother, a shirt for me, and a kikay hobo bag for my favorite Executive Administrative Assistant in the office.

A couple of doors down the strip was the Starbucks with the barista with the best penmanship.  Yes, the beautiful penmanship I harped about about a couple of weeks ago has now gone down in history as a has-been (So sorry barista at MOA!).  And it helps that the Shell of Asia barista is cute.  I didn’t buy everything on display at their 5ºC counter but I really felt treated well.  Friendship knows how exacting I am when it comes to my favorite Chai Tea Latte over ice (“Do you really really say all of that?!” she once snapped back thru text) that I would always expect to just be acknowledged with a blank stare after my litany.  And a part of me would always expect that they’d miss my specifications.

My coffee name. Cute barista, good penmanship.

“I want Chai Tea Latte, served over ice.  Easy on the milk.  Heavy on the strong tea.  I want it strong.  I want to savor the spicy black tea with just enough milk and sugar.  I want to be able to pick out the essences of ginger, fennel, cardamom, and cinnamon.  Venti.”  The Shell of Asia barista smiled, and even told me that if I didn’t like the drink, I could have it replaced, gratis et amore.  Now that’s service!  As it turned out, the blend was perfect and replacement wasn’t necessary.

“Sir, sana dito na lang kayo lagi mag-Starbucks.”  (”Sir, I hope you’d always get your coffee here.“)

How I wish I could!  Since I knew that my NLEX sojourn would come to an end by the end of January, the last time I was there, I surprised my newfound service crew personnel friends with pizza from the nearby Pizza Hut.  The people there were great too but it would border on hilarious to surprise them with a family-sized Cheesy Volcano Super Supreme Pizza!  Hahaha!

"Tomato" and eNTeNG at Pizza Hut


I miss you, Shell of Asia!


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One response

9 02 2011

Shell of Asia, sounds new to me!
Hmmmm… Chai Tea Latte!!! Strong on tea! iLike!


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