An homage

10 02 2011

THIS POST is dedicated to Giant Paulo who on Microsoft Office Communicator IM egged me on a few minutes ago to do an homage to the latest celebrity of the blogosphere.  The Philippine Daily Inquirer called her the “real housewife of (insert name of posh village here).”

So, here is today’s ensemble.  It will be a shame to post several poses (I couldn’t pull it off!).

For sure, this would be my first and last post of this sort as I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Joneses.  R–E–A–L–L–Y.  Hahaha!

Hair – Tony & Jackey (Did I spell it correctly?)

Eyeglasses – Emporio Armani

Top – Black Label Homme by Rustan’s

Jeans – Jag (super faded and worn out, actually)

Shoes – Classic Adidas Samba in black with white stripes

Wristwatch – Philip Stein Signature Large with a yellow lizard strap

Wallet – Empty (Hahaha!)

Posing behind Iron Man. Photography courtesy of The Tycoon, using my trusty Canon IXUS 860IS.


Copyright © 2011 by eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MunchTime™©.  All rights reserved.




One response

12 02 2011

boss may kulang pa…..socks and briefs by….. 😛


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