Playing favorites

10 02 2011

“eNTeNG’s FAVORITES,” my roster of the blogs I read have only had four links for like, the life of this blog so far.  That’s over a couple of years.  It seems that my playing favorites got stuck.

Well, really…  until today.

My apprehension in linking up other people’s blogs – especially the ones which have achieved celebrity status, cult following a most likelihood – is that I feel that I should first have a real connection with the people behind the blogs.  I’m myself’s most unforgiving critic.  I mean, before anybody accuses me of SMC, I would have accused myself first!  (So don’t bother!)  Hahaha!

But today I realized I need to link up three blogs.  Why?  Because I feel so much joy going thru them that I think it is my obligation to my few readers to offer them the perfect escape from my page once they’ve grown tired of my entries.  My dear readers just have to click away and they’re off to somewhere better.

A Year In Love is my friend Toni Alexis Araneta’s chronicle of her 2011.  She’s one girl, with one mission, in one year:  to spread one love one day at a time.

A Year In Love


Munchy Crunchy by “the CRUNCH queen is one no-fuss, no-nonsense food blog that I’ve come to really appreciate.  She does away with lengthy prose (I’m guilty, I know!) and just talks about her foodie discoveries right away.  I came across her blog thru the many comments she has left here on mine.

Munchy Crunchy


ME BUDDHA BANANA by @Rambuc is the first ever style blog that I really find captivating.  Ok, I think that’s a strong word to use after merely a couple of scrolls down and a few clicks of the “Older Posts” link.  But it really is.  I’m glad I came across that retweet that pointed to @Rambuc, that pointed to his blog’s link.  I’ll definitely be reading this one regularly.



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10 02 2011
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11 02 2011

Wow! You included my blog (which I need to update 0______0)! Thank you so much!


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