16 02 2011

My new favorite pair of jeans, "deconstructed" to my liking.

BETWEEN REALLY great friends, a velvet rope isn’t required to fashion police and serve a warrant for a fashion faux pas.  A citation could be issued from thousands of miles away.

The "deconstructed" Barong Tagalog, worn to Ian and Marie's wedding.

Friendship couldn’t contain her displeasure at the expensive Barong Tagalog that I bought for a wedding reception emceeing job in 2009.  Not exactly displeasure towards the article itself but to the fact that I had it sent to the friendly neighborhood tailor to be “deconstructed.”  Upon reading my post, she felt compelled to send me a text message to admonish my fashion decision while pointing me to the perfect example of how the Barong Tagalog should be carried – Superman’s.

I won’t say I won’t do it again though deconstructing the Barong (custom-fitting it to my body) meant later needing a village to wear it – at least two people to help me put it on and take it off – but Frienship should be glad that there hasn’t been a repeat since.

On the Barong Tagalog.

I’ve recently received pairs of jeans that, while I find to be of extremely high quality material and worksmanship, needs quite a considerable taking in.  The fit on the waistline is perfect and the way it rests just right there makes for utmost comfort.  But something had to be done to the roominess of the thigh to the leg.  I sent them to the same neighborhood tailor – who by now has been so used to all the deconstruction requests I would send over – and asked them to be taken apart and then patterned after a really worn-out, favorite pair.

Walang sinabi ang Arthur’s na “We accept made-to-order pants and Barong finished within six hours.” *  Hahaha!  My jeans took all of just an hour each pair.

I’m so lovin’ the results.  Compliments all over.

My new favorite pair of jeans!


It's the heavy stitching on the back pocket that caught my attention first.


02/15/2011 Ensemble: White Giordano shirt, "deconstructed" dark Levi's jeans.


*Of course this was just said in jest.

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