Posed and Printed

16 02 2011

Strike a pose!


Free photo keepsake! Yey!

THE CAM whore that I am, I’m lured to any setup that resembles a photo booth.  In college, a FOTO-ME booth stood right beside the main gate.  And every enrolment period, I would line up to get my ID photos taken.  It was less the need to comply to school requirements (as I could get the photos taken somewhere else), but more the need to hear the attendant’s “magic words”: “Dito ang tingin (Please look here)…  (dramatic pause)…  four shots.”  Trust me, the written word doesn’t do the attendant’s enunciation and phrasing any justice.  Hahaha!

Posed and Printed!

On Valentine’s Day, Brother, The Flash, The Tycoon, and myself chanced upon a Pose & Print photo booth, set up to take complimentary photo keepsakes for shoppers at the Alabang Town Center.  I first came across this kind of photo service at my good friends Bom & Rizzie’s spectacular wedding.  Months after, I waxed nostalgic about those photos.

Will I let the seeming shyness and reservations of my three friends (“Photos taken in public, with people watching?!”) get in the way of striking a pose?  No!  Hahaha!

All it took was signing up at the concierge for a free pass and a couple of minutes of waiting time at the line.  After the first flash, I pulled The Flash to join me, and then The Tycoon.

I didn’t force Brother anymore.  I didn’t want him to use 100% of his powers to disintegrate me from the face of the planet.  Besides, I wanted to still be able to get my hands on the contact sheet printout.  Which I did, in like, a couple of minutes!  Nice!

BFF! Hahaha!


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