Double Curry Beef Pepper Rice

21 02 2011

Double Curry Beef Pepper Rice


I’M NOT planning to do a Supersize Me.

But on Friday night at Town, Brother and I found ourselves gravitating towards Pepper Lunch yet again.  We didn’t feel the need to convince each other to choose it over the many restaurants on that second floor strip alone.  Pepper Lunch has become the natural choice.

So standing in front of Rona at the counter, I pronounced to Brother, yet again, my goal.  Honestly, it’s something I’ve felt I couldn’t commit to so I have kept myself from blurting it out.  Until that second, Friday night.

“I think Brother that even after you’ve gone, I’ll try my best to go through everything on the menu.”

I began by finally going past the Beef Pepper Rice on the board.  Breaking from a routine for me could be quite hard sometimes, so I decided to take baby steps.  I ended up not wandering far from my usual – I asked for Curry Beef Pepper Rice.  Double beef of course!

I love curry.  And I want it unapologetic.  Not the usual yellowish powder being passed off as curry when it actually tastes like ground cheez curls to me.  On a trip to India, I gained a deeper appreciation of just how curry is the cornerstone of their cuisine.  This pungent blend of spices serves as the fundamental ingredient from and around which a whole dish is developed.  A typical curry powder may contain the redolent smokey-ness of cumin, the parsley-like essence of coriander, the deep aroma and intense color of turmeric, the biting heat of chili powder, and the licorice sweetness of fennel, among many others (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves).  Depending on the proportions, and the region where a dish originates from, one may have a “tika,” “tawa,” or “goan” curry.

Fortunately, I didn’t have the same problem as Grace Adler (of Will & Grace fame).  My hair doesn’t frizz the moment the sizzling plate hits the table.  And this one being “Curry” Beef, I instantly caught a whiff of the potent, heady earthiness of the spices. 

I felt to be at the mercy of the limitations of my Canon IXUS 860IS because I just couldn’t find a way to get a clear shot of the really hot food.  So before the lovely pink and juicy beef strips got overcooked, I proceeded to mix my Curry Beef Pepper Rice.  I noticed that the mound of curry-capped white mountain of plump Japanese rice hid underneath a slosh of sauce that I surmised to be the garlic soy sauce.  Mixed with the curry powder and heated perfectly through, it was a gust of air enough to send me on a gastronomic high.

I might end up cheating on my goal.  Because I’m feeling that on my next time back, I will have to get the Curry Beef Pepper Rice – double beef please! – one more time.  I’m having dreams of this curry concoction as it is exactly what I wanted curry to be – not a smack, not even a kiss on the lips, but a full on torrid affair.

The beef strips are just so temptingly pink and oozing with juice.


Done mixing!


The requisite side of beansprouts


I top every "chopsticks"-ful with beansprouts!


Newfound love!


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