Happy birthday, Giant Paulo!

22 02 2011

As a favor, Giant Paulo bought this cake for me at a Secret Recipe store in Shanghai, China a couple of years back. Here's the photo to say, "Happy Birthday, Giant Paulo!"

IN A tweet I posted yesterday, I got reminded of this: “A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.”

And it reminds me of someone today.

For close to six years, Giant Paulo has directly reported to me at work.  He has got to be the most quiet, most steady engineer I have ever come across.  Before he moved to my team, I was told by his previous manager that in his batch, he was the best.  Oh, the silent worker type.  I took his word for it.  Time went on and I did prove it to myself to be true.

These past couple of years – especially after the time I had moved to the office space adjacent to his – I have to say that Giant Paulo and I have become really good friends.  The kind that goes beyond asking “How are you?” or “How’s your family?” rhetorically.  It’s the kind that asks those questions and waits for the answers.  “TMI” seemed to not have been part of our vocabulary.  (TMI – too much information.)

Now that he has moved to Singapore, I am left with fond memories of a great engineer, and an even greater friend.  It does help that I have memories of us singing together to look back to – I’d sing the lead vocals, he’d provide the backup and would sometimes beatbox!  I still hear it in my head: “…it’s not like the movies at all.”

Boss, hindi ganyanSlang yung ‘movies’.  It’s like mow-vies.”  Hahaha!

Today, the 22nd of February is his birthday.  Happy birthday, Giant Paulo!

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The reader

22 02 2011

The reader and the blogger.

YOU WILL know when someone is just pulling your leg.  Or when someone doesn’t.

One of my most respected and admired personalities, Rez, formerly our multinational company’s Quality and Reliability Engineering Manager, would always pepper our conversations with quick mentions about how much she regularly reads – and enjoys – my blog.  I would think she meant it tongue-in-cheek.  Not because I didn’t believe her, but because she had got to be one of the busiest persons at work.  How would she find the time to read?

Somehow, I guess she does.  Or she makes it.  Bumping into her at Town last Friday night – and making an impromptu decision to go get cofee together with Brother – she let out one-liners that did give away her fondness for all my ramblings in this space.

“I know your coffee name!”

My coffee name. Roreza knows!


We three drinks

“I know where you got this pair of pants.  You didn’t want to get the Lacoste so this is what you got.”

I coulnd’t help but feel the warmth and sincerity in Rez’s words.  (Though I prefer to call her by her beautiful full name – Roreza.  To me it just has, with the first syllable alone, more rolling in the tongue.  Think rolling thunder… gradual, sustained, then let loose.)

To be read felt like a much greater compliment that to be trusted or loved.  And to be read by someone you admire and look up to, well that’s just such a freakin’ thrill.

My most-admired, looked-up-to good friend, the Roreza!


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