For no reason at all

25 02 2011

“THERE ARE countless good reasons under the sky for giving.  But the sweetest one may be for no reason at all.” – RedEnvelope Fall 2003 Catalog

I totally missed feeling the Christmas rush last year.  Everybody was rushing except me.  But last week – right smack in the middle of February – the rush caught up with me.  I’m filing this action under the header of “for no reason at all.”  Though, truth be told, in some of them, I was paying for sins in the past.

But lest anybody judges me that I’m trying to buy my way out of some things…  I.  AM.  NOT.  As applicable, the apologies from my end came before any of these were sent out.







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2 responses

27 02 2011

Enteng, pag may bago kang post, bumibilis tibok ng puso ko. Yehey! May bago na naman akong babasahin! Pag walang bagong entry, oh well, eh di basahin na lang uli ung dati. Your food blogs make my meals taste delicious, kahit na nth time ko na syang kinakain kasi sayang magtapon ng tira. Bigla silang naglalasang double curry beef o ramen o angel hair pomodoro.


28 02 2011

OMG! I just love the Rustan’s gift wrapping…especially the one in tiffany and green! FAB 🙂


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