Today is Friendship day

7 03 2011

A cupcake to say "Happy Birthday, Friendship!"

IT SHOULD actually read as, “today is Friendship’s day.”

This blog came to life because of a lot of people’s encouragement.  Either that, or they must’ve grown so tired of me ramming my nonsense down their throats that if I would move from e-Mail and text to a blog, they at least have the power to read or not to read.  To click or not to click.

Seriously speaking, it was Friendship who gave the last nudge that plunged me in to the world of blogging – something that quite obviously I couldn’t do without.  Anymore.

In the course of this blog’s more than two years of existence, I’ve published my greetings to all of my closest friends.  I just don’t know how to express anymore just how very fortunate I am to have this friendship with her, Friendship.

So this post today is yet another feeble attempt to articulate that.

To the one person who meant it when she said, “Let’s keep in touch,” when she moved abroad; to the person who knows how much a box of chewy chewkies once a year makes me happy; the same person who knows that more than the food, it’s the company that we look forward to at dinner time; to someone who never tolerated my wrongdoings but allows me my little attempts at happiness; to the one person who has been not only a friend but a sister – someone who will be bold enough to tell you, “Could you let it go?!  Could you let go?!  Let go!” – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I know I should’ve gotten on that plane today.  But what’s another five more days?!  Can’t wait to meet up!

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