Good thing I’m not

10 03 2011

A PLASTIC bag.  Or ‘plastic,’ for that matter.  Haha.

Everytime I’m at Town, BreadTalk is a requisite stop.  My mother can’t get enough of their Cheese Floss and Earthquake loaf.  As for me, it has always been a love affair with their Cheese Naan.

So last night on my way to get our fix, I was quite disappointed to see this sign at the door.  Coming from the side where Kenneth Cole is, I knew something was amiss when I saw that the lights were out and the couple of shade umbrellas were folded.

BreadTalk closed!

The accompanying notice taped beside the sign – the document with the fine print – was dated March 7th.  So that means it’s been three days.

I’m a bit surprised because the last time I was there last week, they had already converted to nondescript brown paper bags, save for a stark print in green of the store’s name.  On my way in, I even remember holding the door for one of the staff who was rushing in with an armful of newly delivered paper bags.

Unless the city ordinance also prohibits the cellphane they sheath the confections with.  Does it mean BreadTalk needs to take a cue from the friendly neighborhood pandesalan (a bakery that sells traditional Filipino breakfast rolls)?

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