Marché at 313@somerset

20 03 2011

Mushroom Soup made more decadent by lots of butter and croutons

I FOUND it funny that when my baggage tipped the scale at an excess of 14.5 kilos, it was my own stuff that I was willing to let go of.  I was ready to blindly pull out my stuff, just waiting for the counter person’s brows to relax from furrowing and her eyes to open fully from all the squinting.  And probably something like, “Ok sir, please take some things out.”

I was willing to let go of my own stuff because I’m all for “serbisyong totoo saan mang panig ng mundopara sa mga bagong bayani (truth in service anywhere in the world… for overseas Filipino workers (OFW)).  Like a “carinderiang bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain (hawker food stall open to all the tired, the hungry, the famished), I welcomed all the stuff loved ones from home wanted sent over to their OFW family members – my dear friends – here.  But as you may well know from a previous post, the counter person let the excess pass.  I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of achieving my goal of “para na ring sila ang nag-abot sa kanilang mga kamay (as if it was them who handed the goods personally to their loved ones).  I’m cringing at the onslaught of clichés.

After taking care of the first order of business (distributing the goods to those who showed up at the airport), I had to go grab a quick bite – actually, a late lunch, to be exact.

My dear friends initiated me to the world of Singapore, which means, a lot of walking and a train ride that could even mean just one stop.  Which was exactly all the travel time that we needed to make it to Marché.

One look at the guest card they handed me explained to me the concept of Marché.  It’s “the original Swiss market restaurant.”  It’s a concept not alien to me.  But here, we didn’t really have to do any “marketing,” as in purchasing fresh produce and dictating how we’d want them prepared.  Unless Marché means that with the guest card, we can actually do the rounds of the different stations and shop for the food we do love.  I guess that’s it.

I know my friends meant well in pointing to me their own all-time favorites and what “Singapore is famous for,” but I wanted my initiation to be nice and slow and at my own pace.  It was one of those “be gentle with me it is my first time” moments.  So I passed up on the rosti and went straight to the familiar.  (Though The Boy Wonder did order one which he generously shared.)

I had the large Vegetable Pasta with Tomato Sauce, the Calamari, and a large bowl of the Mushroom Soup.

The foundation of the Vegetable Pasta with Tomato Sauce is the pasta itself, which I surmised to be made fresh in the premises – cooked and served to order.  Served in a deep pristine white bowl that looked like a Mexican sombrero upside down, it was chockful with the freshest chunks of vegetables like asparagus, butternut squash, zucchini, and fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Vegetable Pasta with Tomato Sauce


Marché uses the best china in presenting their edible creations!


Where had all the pasta gone?! Oh right, my tummy!

The Calamari was pretty straightforward – just the freshest slices of squid dipped in batter then deep-fried.  Cruncy and tasty on their own, their deliciousness is perked up by a squeeze of a lemon wedge and a smothering of tartar sauce.



Crisp. Golden. Perfect.

The Mushroom Soup was something else.  It was flavorful, with a pronounced earthiness that could come only from fresh wild mushrooms.  But I just had to kick the decadence up a notch – much thanks to Partner – with the addition of dollops of fresh butter that melted quietly on the surface of the hot soup, and the generous layer of golden croutons that ended up forming a crust on top.  I washed everything down with the one thing that was the closest attempt to being adventurous – a tall glass of freshly made “Calamansi Juice with Sour Plum.”  As the sour plums at the bottom of the glass continued to steep, the drink became cloudy.  And undeniably all the more delicious.

It was an initiation that was Nice.  Slow.  Comforting.  Luscious.  I can’t wait to go back.

Fresh Calamansi Juice with Sour Plum


The Boy Wonder's Rosti with Smoked Salmon, a Sunny Side Up, and Sour Cream


Marché at 313@somerset guest card


Waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green. It is a "walking city" if ever there is one!


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