29 03 2011

One more shot before checking in for my flight back. Those are my two favorite numbers – 5 and 6.

THREE OF my closest friends – Friendship, Brother, and Rizzie – saw it fit to share dinner with me on the eve of my departure from Singapore.  Brother, never the one to mince his words, asked me point-blank, “So Brother, how do you feel?”

Bittersweet…” was my curt reply.

I forced a smile and went back to attend to my miso ramen.  I remember that before I could even blurt out my full response, “bittersweet and…  incomplete…” I almost choked – either because of the lump that formed in my throat or the couple of cubes of agedashi tofu that I rammed in to perhaps keep the word “incomplete” from gaining audibility.

I was amazed at myself that I felt torn – not to mention lighter by a few thousand bucks (hahaha!) – knowing that weeks before flying to the lion city, I wasn’t excited at all.  At least that was how most people saw me.  Because deep inside, I could feel that the excitement was latent, waiting to slowly brew until it boils over.  And it did.

It was because of the place.  The food.  The people.  My best friends.  A friend.

I hope to be back.  Soon.

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