For Genie

29 03 2011

Tender chunks of lean chicken meat worthy of its title

AIRBORNE AT 12,192 meters, I’m writing this in honor of one of my NFFs (newfound friends) – the very beautiful Genie.  She used to be a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines.  Now, she works with someone equally beautiful, Partner.  On her days away from the office – or when the work day is through – I gather that she is quite the dancing diva.  I just couldn’t articulate here her “the moves.”  Genie, this one’s for you.

Writing this at 12,192 meters up in the air!

Singapore Airlines economy class sure puts the others’ to shame.  I’ve always flown economy.  And frankly, I love it.

Late lunch on board my flight was a choice between chicken (Chicken Imperial) and fish (Pan-Fried Fish Fillet with Tomato Coriander Sauce, sautéed vegetables and parsley potatoes).  I’ve reduced my criterion in choosing my entrée to one simple thing:  whichever has rice wins!

Though I had flipped through the menu a good number of times, I felt the need to sound like I was on a bind and when asked by the very pretty flight attendant, turned my head to one side, heaved a deep sigh, and whimsically enunciated, “Whichever has rice.”

So it was Chicken Imperial for me.  The menu described it as “Oriental style chicken with Chinese herbs and rice wine, leafy greens, red capsicum and fragrant rice.”  Everything was perfectly scrumptious.  The chicken meat was quite tender and not stringy at all.  Eating each piece was a rhythm of piercing each with the lovely fork, then tempting my mouth as I drew the tine-pierced chicken meat closer.  I engulfed it with my lips, licked it with my tongue, and proceeded to bite, releasing its juices with every chew.  The perfect doneness that translated to tenderness couldn’t be denied.  I hate it when I would have to fight with my food!

The rice that came with the dish had all the right to be called the clincher to my decision.  It was not just “fragrant” rice.  It was “Hainanese chicken rice-fragrant” rice!  I had to stop with my first spoonful.  Almost scornful, I had to chide myself, “Just when you had shunned all reminders of that lustful, sinful night at Wee Nam Kee, here you go asking for this rice.  I tell you eNTeNG, this will haunt you!”  Love – and lust – for food is a vicious cycle.

The lunch menu


Whichever has rice wins!


At 12,192 meters way up there, heaven takes the form of the food tray!... And, it has arrived!


Chicken Imperial in all its glory! Yum-o!


The vegetables that came with...


The "not-a-potato-salad-person" that I am, I devoured everything you see here!... to the point of licking!


Dessert was this ice cream bar that came all the way from...




Anything on an inflight food tray doesn't stand a chance of being spared by me! Hahaha!


We've arrived!


As Michael Bublé would sing, "Another airplane..." ...This was the one that brought me home safe! I heart SG! I heart SQ!


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2 responses

4 04 2011

Thanks for the post! I heart Enteng like he hearts SQ!!!! Pleasure meeting you this trip! We will bring you dancing next time round.


4 04 2011

I heart Genie!!! I don’t know why but I’m such a fan of yours 🙂 …Yeah, we should go dancing next time! Can’t wait!


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