What happens in Singapore

30 03 2011

The shopping bag count that kept me up all night on my last night in Singapore. It was hard to fit all in in my suitcase, then "recreate" all the packaging back at home before handing them to loved ones. The Jo Malone is not mine. It's Friendship's, for her sister.

EVERYBODY WHO would learn that I have just come back from Singapore would always blurt out, “But the shopping is expensive!”

While to a certain extent I do agree with that sweeping statement, I have to say that it only does really feel “expensive” when it goes beyond reason.  And I define reason as shopping for and because of the right people.

For this trip I made a list.  And after having gone through it, this was how the shopping bag count looked like.  I love calling these photos as my “what happens in Singapore stays in Singapore” photos.  Obviously, publishing these here means I’m not keeping to myself whatever happened on Orchard Road.

I burned a lot of Singaporean dollars to achieve this, though I don’t mind at all upon seeing the appreciation on the faces of my loved ones.

But unfortunately, there aren’t any hawker stalls here at home where I could tide myself over the coming weeks, subsisting on less than five dollars a day, just enough for a satiating plate of Hainanese chicken rice!  Hahaha!

Friendship brought me to Tatty Marsh, the store the officially carries Cath Kidston merchandise in Singapore! I just had to pick up some stuff for the ladies in my life.


This Jo Malone bag is for Friendship's dear sis.


Three of five Nixon bags! Nixon is a hip, cutting-edge wristwatch brand from the US that has in recent years expanded to a whole lifestyle line. Nixon is the love!


My favorite in the pack is this "Time Teller" minimal wristwatch in green!


The first batch of shopping bags


A trip to Resorts World Sentosa resulted to a couple of Victoria's Secret bags! Yey! The Giordano bags have the really nice "I heart SG" souvenir shirts.


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2 responses

30 03 2011

and thanks for this giordano shirt “I heart SG”! love it!!! and it fits perfectly!! 🙂 mmwaah!!


4 04 2011
Mean B

Darn I love your watch enteng, am sooo green with envy haha!


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