31 03 2011

One of the many bowls of noodles that kick-started my mornings and filled my days at Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts.


This beautiful arrangment of pillars and scented candles stand front and center in the lobby, giving guests the fitting welcome to the world of Royal Plaza on Scotts.

GIVE ME pen and paper and I will just write away.  Writing longhand – mostly in cursive – is something that I would never give up even with the onslaught of modern technology.  I guess that’s the reason why, apart from wristwatches, I consider gifts of notebooks, stationery, and writing instruments to be the most thoughtful.  And lucky me, I have Friendship and Partner who help fuel that passion.

On my fourteenth day in Singapore – my last breakfast at Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts – I got so overwhelmed with all the amazing food I have been blessed to start my mornings with that I felt the need to express my gratitude.  I have been feasting on food so good “it consumes me,” to borrow Poh Ling Yeow’s words.

So I asked for pen and paper.

I channeled my gratitude through my right hand, onto a pen and on the surface of paper.  I just wrote away.  I’ve always believed that the one thing people will never forget is how we made them feel.  But I think sometimes, leaving something tangible – like something they can actually read – makes a little difference.

Letter, front page.


Letter, back page.


Feedback card for Hainanese Chicken Rice, ordered in-room service.


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