Amazing Race Makati

4 04 2011

"I shall guard this with my life. The lone piece in all of Makati!"

“IN A hurry?”  I could hear the lady I just passed speak under her breath, her comment punctuated by a toss of her hair that shook her navy blue Le Pliage by Longchamp medium handbag with prints of the Eiffel Tower.

I didn’t mind at all because I was, clearly, in a hurry and that I was dashing through the escalator, on the right side and not left.  I thought that was understood – the right side is for those in a hurry.

That was when it occurred to me.  “You’re no longer in Singapore eNTeNG,” my conscience told me, “and this is not Dhoby Ghaut interchange.  Did you even hear ‘Berhati-hati di ruang platform?!’”  It was just the day after I had arrived and quite obviously, I hadn’t shaken the lion city out of my system.  Besides, the first world trappings of Greenbelt 5 sure reminded me of where I just was.

I was running through walkways, escalators and halls of Makati because I was in search of one elusive item – the Philip Stein Signature Large Black Rubber Strap.  It was for Green Lantern.  And while he didn’t seem to be in a rush to get his hands on one, I was.  Sometimes, I’d think that I was either a chef, gemologist, horologist, or personal shopper in a past life.  And when it comes to my best of friends, I wouldn’t ever want to let any of them down.  So when they ask for a favor, I would not only prioritize it, I’d actually work on it.  (Brother, I’m still putting together the box I promised you.)

I had been to four stores that had the item I wanted already sold out.  They said that a lot of people had actually been looking for it and they had the waitlist to show for this claim.  I wrote my name on a couple.  It was almost 7:00 PM – and I know wristwatch stores close earlier than mall time – so I was really down on my luck.  That was when I remembered about Adora, the luxurious department store in Greenbelt 5!

“Good evening,“ I breezed through the door, straight to the wristwatch section, a sales associate barely being able to catch his breath and respond to my greeting.  I stood in front of a vitrine that houses Philip Stein wristwatches and calmly said, “I need a Signature Large Black Rubber Strap.”  I enunciated my words well, knowing that should I fail miserably on this fifth attempt, I at least made a good impression with the sales person.

“I believe we have it in stock, Sir.  One piece.  The only one.”  I launched with my monologue on how frustrated I already was looking for it and being told, “sold out” four times in a row – on one night.

Miracles do happen.

By the next couple of days, this coveted item was well on its way to being delivered in person to Green Lantern, courtesy of two of my closest friends, Darryl and Brenda.

Adora is the ultimate in luxury shopping! I bought only a wristwatch strap but the treatment I got was as if I bought an actual wristwatch. The sales associate who attended to me even offered me a drink. Ice-cold water was perfect!


Adora occupies such an expanse that it does feel like the ultimate in luxury shopping.


With this purchase, I had Green Lantern enroled in Adora's rewards / membership program.


Dinner is the reward for a task accomplished!


Five stores and a successful find at the last one, I was done and ready to munch at 7:20 PM!


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5 04 2011

dinner…at toastbox? 😀


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