Dine and care at CareShop de Café

4 04 2011

Brother's Grilled Salmon Steak at CareShop de Café (All three photos on this post are courtesy of Brother's iPhone4! Nice!)

THERE ARE a couple of things we look forward to at dinner – or any meal for that matter – the food and the company.  Exactly two things worth the breathless anticipation when I treated my friends to lunch at CareShop de Café at 70 Bendemeer Road, #01-05 Luzerne, Singapore.

I’ve been in the country for six days and very much in keeping with the belief I espouse and share with new travelers, you will only get to really know people when you spend time with them beyond office hours or share an apartment with them.  You would, because just like what Chandler said in the series finale of “Friends”, and I paraphrase:  “In the city, when you’re single and living alone, your friends are your family.

And Brother, Giant, JohnG, and Green Lantern took care of me like family would.  So it was natural to express my appreciation the best way I know how.  Which means either one of two things – wristwatches or food.

CareShop de Café has the look of a small- to medium-scale family-owned café that could have started off as a purveyor of fresh organic produce and choice meats before opening a dining establishment to best showcase their products.  The moment I was inside, I felt like whoever are behind this cozy establishment are not in it for the money, but are doing so for a greater good.  And reading about their shared values of respecting and protecting the environment and caring for the poor and needy proved my hunch correct.  Though one wall display dedicated to a host of health and beauty supplements afforded me a light chuckle.  But seriously, it all fit into a theme.

To me, at that moment, CareShop de Café meant “munch time with a purpose.”  I couldn’t help to see it that way especially after learning about their involvement with World Vision.  (Friendship could so relate.)

We placed orders at the counter, and this being my treat, not even the sky was the limit.  Hahaha!  I wanted my friends to be able to eat to their hearts’ content.  Brother asked for the Grilled Salmon Steak.  Giant had his appetite whetted by the image of the Soft Shell Crab Bento Set (the special at the time!).  JohnG thought the Spicy Unagi Ramen was special.  And as for Green Lantern, he started with The Caesar (salad) and then had for his main entrée the Beef Bento Set.  To share, I asked for 12 pieces of the BBQ Wings and eight pieces of the Vegetable Spring Rolls.

BBQ Wings

As for me, I was craving for some good soba and lots of rice, both of which I found prominently in the menu’s “Made in Japan” section.  The Mushroom Soba had a generous portion of soba noodles whose generous amount was overshadowed by an even more generous motley crew of the freshest wild mushrooms – shiitake, button, and enoki – doused in natural “umami” goodness with the robust earthiness of a seaweed soyu broth.

My Mushroom Soba! So so sooo good!

One sip and I knew I had to have perfectly cooked, plump grains of Japanese rice to soak up all that wonderful flavor.  Which I didn’t hestitate to ask for.  Thrice.

Usually I would caution myself from eating too much lest I be charged with one of the seven deadly sins.  But when I know I was doing it for a cause bigger than myself, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Now that I’m back home, I think that three or so more months is quite a long wait to go.  I just console myself with the thought that each day that passes is a day closer to a trip back to CareShop de Café.

CareShop de Café business card, together with a few other memorable ones.

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