Everything and the girl

7 04 2011

My first ever hawker meal, courtesy of my good friend, Rizzie! I'm wearing a shirt that was her and her hubby's gift.

SOMETHING I cooked up for myself: “Be careful who you emcee a wedding reception program for.  They just may not want to ever let you go.”  Narcissism shuts out consideration for the other party and makes the second sentence sound like I’m irresistable.  Though with all honesty, it has always been quite the opposite.

One of the most joyful and enriching friendships I have ever made was born at the workplace, strengthened through adverse opinions in meetings, beautified by being part of one unforgettable wedding, and made more meaningful by distance.

I’ve never appreciated my friend Rizzie any deeper than when we got to see each other during my couple of weeks in Singapore.  Friendship’s and Partner’s excitement has always been warranted – they’re such constants in my life – but Rizzie’s genuine interest in my being there and all the effort she had to exert to meet me up whether in the office or somewhere on Orchard Road, well, kinda warmed the heart.  I didn’t realize something else could put the soaring temperatures in the lion city to shame.

She wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get lost and make it to my appointment with a government office the following day that on my fourth day there, she actually found it as a good segue to invite me to dinner at Jumbo Seafood Gallery at 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-44 to 48 The Riverwalk.  The restaurant was right across where I had to be on day five.  Earlier in the day, she had actually brought me to my first hawker meal in the city.

Ready to attack! Hahaha! The nice wait staff gave me another bib as souvernir.


Jumbo Seafood... Kaya n'yo ba 'to? (Can you handle this?)

She revealed to me her love for good food (and actually shared with me some), told me stories about Bah KuT Teh, taught me how to get by with the city’s bus transport system, actually waited with me for my bus ride, opened up about how the radiation scare in the news could stir up paranoia in people yet gamely devoured bowls of ramen with me, delighted in my Longchamp purchase for my mother, made me feel really good about myself in a city so fast-paced I could have been drowned and nobody would have noticed.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision and it is making me regret not having taken her up on her offer to show me her and her hubby’s flat.  I guess, I’d have to make it back to Singapore then.  Our Japanese dinner – together with Friendship and Brother – on the eve of my flight back home should see me through ‘til we see each other again.

Rizzie, thanks a lot for spending time with me in Singapore.  You’re undoubtedly one of the nicest people in my life.  Take care!

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