Hair apparent

11 04 2011

The Flash calls it my "hair antenna."

LAST FRIDAY morning, the Flash chuckled saying, “Is your hair antenna working?”  Apparently, he felt that with the way I have been sculpting my hair, I have been trying to intercept Divine Intervention in hopes that I could amplify it and alleviate my current workload.

You see, apart from keeping my 9-to-5 – more like a 7-to-forever – I’ve been busy working on a special project.  I’m the head writer and at the same time editor-in-chief of a coffee table book which is planned to be released soon.  I’m down to the last three essays – a couple of my own and one that unfortunately, needs a complete rewrite.

We’re going to print early this week.  I need all the Divine Intervention I could get.  The mock-up should be in my hands by Wednesday.  I need to pray!

See, I need all the time I could find!


Everywhere I go, I'd bring some of the articles with me. I don't use any online editing tool. I'm so old school on this respect. And to make my edits, I need three ballpens in three different colors.


I was turning desperate and frustrated with this one article in my hands, that I had to turn for a moment. Hahaha! Photos courtesy of the coffee table book's "Creative Director". We had to do test shots before the day's very special, last-minute photo shoot.


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