High tea at TWG

14 04 2011

Soup of the Day – French Onion Soup at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

“FRIENDSHIP, HERE there is high tea,”  Friendship told me nonchalantly, almost as unconcerned as her nonchalant glance at the headlines of The Straits Times that I carried with me from my Singapore Airlines flight.

Any comment or reference to food – and the chance to put it in my mouth – doesn’t get lost with me.  So I ended up counting the days until I could sit down for this meal steeped with tradition.  On the seventh day, Friendship brought me to Marina Bay Sands.  Once at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, she brought me to the the TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge and declared, “This will be my treat to you.”

In front of the huge Chanel signage, the rooftop of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

I look back to that conversation and am trying to recall if she said, “Order away (to your heart’s content)!”  Hahaha!

High tea, which refers to the early evening meal, is a tradition alive in Singapore.  Most of the menus I got my hands on carried a section for this special kind of meal.  TWG Tea, per the story printed at the back of their menu, pioneered the concept of Singapore luxury tea and has been celebrating Singapore’s most privileged heritage by offering teas of utmost and unrivalled quality.

TWG Tea Salons have this stylish, classic, wooden tea counter. On display are the house's famous blends and tea accessories.

Apparently, these most precious of elixirs number by the hundreds!  The extensive list presented to me easily had over 300.  I noticed that each tea blend is assigned a serial code – T6xxx.  This brought to mind the historical account that in the year 1834, over 6,000 chests of tea from China, Siam and the Celebes were recorded.

The extensive menu, TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands


Loved these yellow "wax-like" molded plastic charms that hang fromt he cord that holds the menu pages in place.


The TWG Tea List menu logo


It's a long list of teas!

Being the first-timer that I was, I knew I needed help.  I politely asked our server for a recommendation, which to me appealed more than closing my eyes and pointing blindly on the page.  He proposed the house bestseller – the 1837 Black Tea, tea number T6033.

Our server enthusiastically recommended T6033, the 1837 Black Tea!


Fine bone china housed my 1837 Black Tea. The tea pot came clad in a lined all-stainless steel insulation.


My first cup of Singapore's venerable TWG Tea Company's 1837 Black Tea.


On each dining table was a fine bone china jar of the purest sugar crystals. I just had to put a little of it to every cup!


I was just mesmerized by the sight of sugar crystals dissolving into the tea.

For my rather “substantial” meal selection, I asked for the Soup of the Day, which turned out to be French Onion Soup.  Friendship had a hankering for the sweet rather than the savory so she asked for the Chestnut Crêpe.  The menu desription for this option was such a tease, I felt like I wanted to make love to it: “Crêpe filled with candied chestnut and chestnut cream infused with Yunnan FOP black tea and enhanced with a touch of crème fraîche.”

My French Onion Soup


Friendship's Chestnut Crêpe

“Infused with Yunnan FOP black tea”.  That’s when it hit me – TWG Tea Salon & Boutique offers a genuinely creative selection of tea-infused cuisine.  I knew the results could only be amazing.  (The only encounter with tea-infused cuisine that I’ve ever recorded was me peppering my huge bowl of mixed balls noodle soup with crushed green tea leaves at the Fook Ming Tong Tea Shop kiosk at the Departure Hall, Passenger Terminal 1 of the Hong Kong International Airport.)

What my French Onion Soup lacked in drama – I missed the croûton and parmesan cheese crust that would cover the top – more than made up for in flavor.  It was earthy, robust, bursting with slow-cooked onion goodness.  I espied flecks of black and dark green on top of the soup, all the way to the saucer.  I’m guessing the soup I had was tea-infused after all!  (The menu doesn’t say if the Soup of the Day has any royal tea treatment.)

But the pièce de résistance of my first high tea was the pot of 1837 Black Tea.  It was fragrant, sweetish, almost laced with the essence of sweet berries and vanilla – no, caramel!  I kept gushing to Friendship just how much I was loving it.  I poured to the last drop – to the point of wanting to ask for the pot to be replenished with hot water.

Friendship, thanks for yet another amazing and unforgettable Singapore experience!

The French Onion Soup was served with this a-ma-zing bun! For some reason, i didn't meet a bread bun or roll in Singapore that I didn't fall in love with. I'm easy that way! Hahaha!


The bread came with this stainless steel dish...


...that housed yummy yummy Y-U-M-M-Y butter!


TWG Salon boasts an elegant place setting using only the finest bone china, starched linen and sterling silver, all monogrammed.


TWG fine bone china cup, saucer, and sugar jar.


I really love the monogram on all the china and the silverware. And notice the details on the linen too!


Fine bone china sugar jar


Sugar crystals so pretty I could munch on them all day long!


The requisite solo shot!


I just had to have my photo taken beside this lighting installation! I wouldn't be surprised if it was Swarovski.


TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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6 07 2011

that’s the richest looking French Onion soup I have ever seen…..wonderful 🙂


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