In shorts at the Sands

18 04 2011

When the light afternoon drizzle finally cleared, Friendship and I thought that it was necessary to take a photo in front of one of the internationally recognized symbols of the first world. Hehehe.

MY COMMUNICATIONS mentor in the office will not let me hear the end of it.  Up until last week, he would still allude to the red shorts I wore to many of my adventures inSingapore.                  

So for sure, posting these photos of my day at Marina Bay Sands wouldn’t keep all the allusions at bay.  Hahaha!

This pair of shorts is from Folded & Hung’s latest summer collection.  I got them a couple of days before I flew out.  I was dreading a scolding from Friendship the moment I’d have landed.  You see, Friendship has always been impeccably dressed during travels that she would always get considered for an upgrade.  And I do remember one time when she commented in horror, “That’s what you’re wearing?”

But my fears were unfounded when, upon bursting through the airport door I attempted to apologize for my ensemble’s seeming lack of length only to be dismissed with, “Your shorts are right for this weather.”  And then the unforgiving heat and humidity of the lion city hit me in the face.

I had the shorts immediately laundered at the hotel, and five days later, put them on for my day at the Sands – Marina Bay Sands, that is.  Captain America (Yes Sagewin, you have a superhero name now) was horrified with the shorts but later regained calm when he saw that I had his gift, the UC Davis shirt, on.

Almost all these snaps were courtesy of Friendship’s brand new Canon compact camera, in purple!  She patiently indulged my being a tourist.  Besides, she knew that my own three-year-old Canon IXUS 860IS was on the brink of a breakdown, it’s LCD screen badly damaged by piercing knifelike thrusts from ballpens it was thrown in with in my bag.

My “day at the Sands” actually started at Paragon Mall on Orchard, so there are a few of those photos in the mix.

Watches of Switzerland, Paragon Mall


Muji, Paragon Mall


Public Art at Paragon Mall


Arriving by cab at Marina Bay Sands


The hotel lobby is imposing and ginormous!


I felt so tiny in this lobby!


There are a lot of street signs at Marina Bay Sands. Rightfully so. It's so huge that even I could get lost.


I saw the signs... And they opened up my eyes, I saw the signs!


On the way to theaters, museum, and skypark, one has to take this hallway paved in luxury.


In front of famed chef, Chef Daniel Boulud's "Bistro Moderne".


Daniel, eNTeNG, and Philip


Daniel, eNTeNG, Philip, and Muji


In front of the store that Partner, I, and Friendship plan to raid soon. Hahaha!


Still imagery doesn't do that Chanel (electronic) board justice.


I don't know what they are called. But I just had to have my photo taken with him.


I left a five-dollar tip in his basket and suddenly, he sprung to life to say thanks! More like, shake my hand in thanks!


Chanel from indoors


From a distance, my long lost friend Franck!


Franck & eNTeNG


Finally... made it to the "ark"!


Where they say "restaurants," there i'll be!


Friendship, Partner, Brother, Rizzie, Green Lantern... We have to raid this place!


Bathed in sunset, with Marina Bay Sands behind me.


Across the waters is the historical Fullerton Hotel.


At the mall near Esplanade, there was a music festival going on. The band behind me was awesome. They sounded like early Matchbox 20 to me.


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