White Dog Café

20 04 2011

Green Lanterns Lobster Pasta. Photo taken with his Canon IXUS 220 HS.

“WESTERN CUISINE.”  That was all Green Lantern said when I asked where he’d want to get dinner.  Dinner that was on me.  And when you treat a friend to a meal, the principles of customer fulfillment dictate that it’s best to allow them to pick the place too.

I imagined that having covered as much real estate as we could on what seemed to be our walking saga of Sentosa, it would just be a matter of time before my superhero friend or I would immediately succumb to the gnawing pangs of hunger and pull the next available stool at a sushi bar or a dimsum place in Vivo City.  But quite obviously, being the driven person that he is, Green Lantern wouldn’t hear any of it, except if it was Western style cuisine.

“Yes, Sir, we serve Western cuisine,” the seating hostess-cum-server said in between bursts of smiles interspersed with chuckles.  “Give us a try, Sir.”

I glanced back at Green Lantern who still at the time had his stare fixed on the menu board on display.  All I needed was for him to nod and we were on our way to a comfortable seating at a corner with a view.  This was the first surprise to hit me about White Dog Café, I mean, besides the fact that I kept wondering what a restaurant so quirkily named could offer.

The menu was pretty, and pretty extensive too.  Green Lantern asked for the Lobster Pasta and the dessert drink called Mangolicious.  I, who at the time thought that the pasta I had at Culina at Dempsey Hill days before was so good it could only be lobster, settled for the Seafood Medley Pasta and Iced Lemon Tea.  We both started with a generous portion each of the Mushroom Soup.

I give White Dog Café mad props for the presentation of their Lobster Pasta. Each dish is guaranteed the meat from one live lobster.


My Seafood Medley Pasta


Look at that fat mussel!


Both pastas used the same marinara sauce as the base.  It was, to the superhero’s delight, not spicy at all.  We actually scrambled after our very friendly server to send word to the kitchen to ensure that not a single fleck – not a hint – of crushed red pepper flakes should make it to the lobster dish.  Fortunately, the recipe was free from such.  The sauce was tangy, almost with a hint of sweetness to it.  Which I thought, came from the fresh seafood thrown in the mix – fat mussels and tender squid rings in mine, and lobster and squid rings in Green Lantern’s.

I think the only slight disappointment I sensed at dinner was with the Mangolicious.  I’m guessing the mangoes paled in comparison to the ones we have back at home in the Philippines.  Though the superhero, ever the gracious one, didn’t say a word about it.  I’m no superhero but sometimes, I guess, I could just read minds.

Good thing that where we were seated afforded Green Lantern, himself a photography enthusiast, a nice panoramic view of the strait between mainlandSingapore and Sentosa.  When his eyes would squint from the sourness of the mangoes he could just lift his head up and check the view.

Green Lantern attacks!

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